Black Sun Refutes Fringe Claims

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Black Sun Refutes Fringe Claims
Posted by: Kyran Caelius - Faction: Black Sun
Date: Year 18 Day 125 Onboard the Modular Taskforce Cruiser [BSNN] Truth in system n/a (104, 428).

Officials and analysts across Black Sun space were caught off guard by a news piece hacked into the Galactic News Service by The Resistance. The piece in question arrived immediately following the completion of a major trade deal between the Black Sun and former members of Black Sun now in The Resistance. A spokesman for the Family Council held an interview with the Black Sun News Network to clarify the issue, and illuminate the lies and 'alternative facts' presented.


"The Family Council is in disbelief. Dark Prince Jeor Knight and Vigo Banquo Knox met with Cait Catra, Niobe Asha, and Tomas O'Cuinn to finalize a territory trade deal, brokered by Viceroy Nohv Schiller of the Trade Federation. This trade saw Gree, a former Black Sun territory which had been illegally occupied by Catra and Asha's mercenary groups upon their retirement from Black Sun, exchanged for Sevetta and Homon.

Under the many former fronts for the trio - Dael'mor, GenoHaradan, Gree Trade Authority, Gree Enclave, and now The Resistance - large swaths of Gree territory were sold to the highest bidder with complete disregard of the Gree system's stability. Facing overpopulation, a lack of industry investment, and constant foreign intervention, the Gree population was eager to return to the aegis of Black Sun after years under a consistently failed plutocracy. Black Sun responded to the system's disarray by shutting off power to facilities held by saboteurs and vandals seeking to undermine the peaceful return of law, order, and prosperity to the region. Reports of any military actions are greatly exaggerated. O'Cuinn and his 'rebels' had already evacuated Gree, as had Black Sun garrisons in Sevetta and Homon. This transition of power was orchestrated at the negotiating table. The Family Council made an agreement in good faith with its former members, a gesture of good will. O'Cuinn then betrayed our good will by selling properties to radicalized anarchists who were promised a land free of oversight, only to find that they too had been betrayed when Black Sun was given control of the system."


Given the peaceful nature of the transition, we asked several experts to shed light on the images presented by the Resistance. A prominent astronomer, Rudo Laurent, highlighted that none of the planets in Gree shared any characteristics with the planet from which the civilians were supposedly escaping in some images presented by The Resistance. Additionally, a quartermaster from the Blades who participated in the transport of Black Sun personnel and materiel from Sevetta and Homon pointed out that Black Sun does not make use of AT-STs for garrison duty, nor does it equip its people with Imperial armour, instead preferring Corellian Power Armour for the bulk of its ground forces. In fact, a quick search revealed the original source of the conflict images: a skirmish between Imperial forces and rebels from the Battle of Kashyyyk.


The Family Council spokesperson further added, "Given the narrative provided by the Galactic Alliance with regards to the Battle of Kashyyyk, we find it indicative of the Resistance leaders' character that they would use images from the conflict to blatantly lie to the galaxy. With The Resistance's fictional version of the trade and their falsification of physical evidence, this is yet another nod to their inability to be trusted. For the people of Gree, it is clear that their return home was absolutely necessary to the future survival of the system. Black Sun will continue to be the beacon for stability and prosperity that the galaxy needs in these turbulent times."