Breviin Revolutionaries attack the Imperial industry

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Breviin Revolutionaries attack the Imperial industry

Breviin Revolutionaries attack the Imperial industry (Posted by Peter Max on Year 15 Day 200)

Marcus leads us to victory!

Marcus leads us to victory!

[A tall Mandalorian, dressed head to toe in black commando armour, appears on screen. He stands silently for a moment and then in a confident and commanding voice, he beings to speak.]

Kuat System Engineering has been assaulted by Breviin Mandalorian revolutionaries; our crusader Bel Vossn stole several hundred thousand tons of Ardanium and Duracrete. Contrary to KSE's recent propaganda, the primary objective of this assault was to slow down the production of the AT-AT war machines, by depleting critical material reserves and forcing KSE to drastically re-organise its operations in order to continue production.

AT-AT at derra

An image taken by a Breviin revolutionary during the Derra conflict

We have witnessed the destructive capabilities of the AT-AT war machine during the Derra conflict and seen first-hand the potentially catastrophic threat they pose to our civilian populations.

Our fight is not for religion or extremism. Our fight is for dignity and the pride of our people.

Our brothers do not follow a deity, they follow an ideal, the purest ideal of all which is liberation from the true terrorists of this galaxy, the imperialists, that execute political prisoners publicly like Nomak Drome and Cheda Quche among others.

The true extremists are the Sith, who are a sect of assassins that only protect the interests of the powers that be. This is why Breviin has taken up this great and dangerous quest, a crusade against the Imperial Union and the Sith.

Peter Max

"Because not only by firing missiles in the battlefield are tyrannies swept away, also by throwing ideas of redemption, freedom phrases and terrible anathemas against the torturers of the people. Empires will crumble."

Aliit Buir- Clan father and sub commander of Breviin armed forces for Liberation addressing a crowd during the second declaration of the Breviin revolution.

We are the oldest fear, lurking in every corner of the empire and we are delighted,


Dignity does not give up!

Dignity resists!


Second declaration of the Breviin revolution

execution of the Krath Lord Nomak Drome

Cheda Quche executed

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