Brotherhood builds local park

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Posted by Reajiad Nero on Year 0 Day 0

Onboard the YT-1300 AL Rebel Heart in system Republica.

In recent news, The Brotherhood's more well-known rogue Jedi, Felix Darque and Reajiad Nero, along with several others, have just completed the project of building a park in the less fortunate areas of Adbatar, in the Republica sector. When asked about the work, Reajiad smiled, showing us his hands.

"We worked hard, and we have the blisters to prove it. I think I'm going to ice my hands for a little while. But after that, I think I'll do it again. It's such a rewarding experience to give these kids some enjoyment."

The opening of the park was almost flawless. As the ribbon was cut and small children flowed in to play on the swings and swing on the monkey-bars, Reajiad and Felix talked with greatful parents at length, keeping an eye out for the safety of the children at all times.

The one incident occured towards late afternoon, when a peculiar man stole a lollipop from an infant. Felix stopped the man, who attempted to run. Felix Darque then calmly used the force to pull the lollipop away from the criminal and return it to the infant.

When the police rounded the criminal up, he seemed dumstruck. "Never in all my years would I expect a Jedi to take such actions. This is an outrage. I am the real victim here."

Many others, confused, demanded an answer as to why Felix would think to cruelly steal an item from the unnamed man. "Two Wrongs," they chanted, "Don't make a right."

And indeed, how could the rogue Jedi Felix Darque assume that taking a stolen lollipop to return it to the victim was anything less than wrong? This news reporter sees no difference, and will stand against such horrid actions until the criminal, Felix Darque, returns the lollipop to the man. The man had a right to take it from the infant, and for a Jedi to intervene and return it to the infant is the way Sith operate.

Deir Koj, signing off.