Brotherhood of the Sand strikes again

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Posted by Reajiad Nero on Year 0 Day 0 Onboard the Dreadnaught Heavy Cruiser JP Zaibach in system Republica.

GNS feed interrupted...Breaking news from the Imperial Campaign in the Outer Rim::

What we are about to show you is highly classified and we are taking quite a risk in even airing this material. The band of freedom fighters calling themselves the Brotherhood of the Sand has struck a major blow in their efforts to remove Imperial occupation forces from the planet of Tatooine.

This shot...

Shows the lengths to which the group is willing to go. At roughly 0900 hours this morning the AT-AT shown here was downed during a routine patrol sweep of an area outside of Bestine. The name and group the AT-AT was a part of has not been released.

An inside Imperial source released the following picture later this afternoon...

This vid is believed to be the ringleaders of the Brotherhood of the Sand. The droid has been tentatively identified as DRM-002 aka Dr. Mood. Also the Jawa shown on the left is believed to be the same creature that sent out a galactic wide message only days ago. The active lightsaber would indicate he is a Jedi and possible the one being called Zorn. No other name has been released to us at this time.

Incoming reports indicate that the uprising has been gaining strength and momentum with similar incidents occuring on a global scale....

Feed interrupted::

I am the Zorn. The Empire will not be safe anywhere. Tatooine will be free, Coruscant will be retaken. Justice will prevail. The real Jedi have come home. Utinni.