Building Blocks

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Posted by Tala von Ismay on

Onboard the YT-510 XFA Dark Child in system Aphrodithe.

Your screen suddenly goes blank and the Black Sun logo appears. The unsteady transmission causes the image to flicker as the logo rotate. The image disappears and in full view sits a child tools in hand working away at a control panel. The child turns to the screen and sees that her work has paid off.


The girl hears herself from the screen behind her and begins to giggle

Oh man, mom is going to get me for this.

The girl steps out of view then reappears moments later with a grin on her face and a huge bag of blocks in tow.

For those of you who don't know me, I am Tala von Ismay. Daughter of Victor von Ismay, imperial Moff of Correlia and Xya Howie The Dark Princess of Black Sun.

She giggles.

Hey! Does that mean im princess, too?

She continues to giggle as she begins taking out her blocks.

Okay! Okay! Now....This is a lesson on how to build the imperial palace.

She finishes taking out the blocks.

Now this was a much easier task when Greyson used to help me with the force. I always loved watching the blocks glide through the air, but never mind I will show you how to do it the hard way.

Tala spends several minutes meticulously placing each block with care one on top of the other, every so often looking up to make sure the red light on the transmitter is still recording. She knows at any minute the transmission could be cut. She looks up at the cam after building what now appears to be her imperial palace.

I grew up building this. I grew up seeing this palace everyday and now I'm labeled a traitor. I've lost the home I once knew and I'm no longer permitted to see my father. I'm a terrorist? I'm a criminal? I'm a traitor? No! I'm a 10 year old girl who wants to see her daddy. And I don't think the welcome home party that my mother was invited to is quite what I had in mind.

Tala walks over to the tower of blocks and kicks them over.

The Sith and the Empire are nothing but a bunch of bully's obsessed with picking on a child and her mother!

Tala's head turns quickly as she hears a noise behind her and the transmission is cut.