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Proprietor Cael Graigan
Foundation Date Year 13 Day 130
Dissolved Year 14
Type Independent Liquor Company

Offering the finest Corellian spirits outside of Corellia, the Corellian Alcoholic Enablers League, also known as C.A.E.L., is an independent business run by proprietor Cael Graigan founded in Year 13 (approx. day 130). C.A.E.L. specializes in the selling of fine spirits to sentients all over the galaxy, which can be purchased individually for one million credits, in bulk packages for two and a half million credits, or in special holiday packages. Special holiday packages were made available around Life Day, which included Nog and other seasonal specialties. Corellians receive a free alcohol of their choice from the inventory on hand.

With more bottles flying out of their storerooms than they could produce, C.A.E.L. occasionally had to close to produce more high quality spirits for their large customer base. Reopening on Year 14 Day 300, customers sent in orders quickly for the highly sought after spirits. Unbeknown to the galaxy, these would be the last batches of C.A.E.L. offerings available.


Series 1

A series 1 Package, which contained one bottle of each series 1 liquor, could be purchased for 2.5 million credits.

Image1.png Corellian Brandy : 1 million credits

Image2.png Corellian Merlot : 1 million credits

Image3.png Corellian Whiskey : 1 million credits

Series 2

A series 2 Package, which contained one bottle of each series 2 liquor, could be purchased for 2.5 million credits.

Image4.png Corellian Ale : 1 million credits

Image5.png Corellian Mead : 1 million credits

Image6.png Corellian Rum : 1 million credits

Known Galactic Patrons

- Alexander von Ismay

- Belloq Tull

- Draelor Nah`utal

- Eric Zahm

- Impa Xio

- Jax Starblade

- Maha Michi

- Rashuad Vine