Calli Qirce

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Calli Qirce
Biographical Information
Race Qiraash
Homeworld Qiraa
Mother Halli Qirce
Father Zoltan "The Madman" Qirce
Spouse None
Born Year -17 Day 290
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 1.8 m
Coloring Blush
Hair Color Dark Mahogany
Eye Color Medium Gray
Political Information
Title Creative Goddess
Prior Affiliation Veritas Press
Awards TSK University Graduate ribbon

Calli Qirce is a Qiraash woman with a zest for life and a quest for the truth, a large head and a larger heart, with a little brains, a little talent, with an emphasis on the latter. An intelligent but compassionate muse who lives to create, inspire and shine the light of truth upon the darkness.


Early Life

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, a Qiraash girl was born on planet Qiraa. Both of her parents remained alive and well, so she had a happy upbringing and did not have any overblown need for revenge. All throughout her childhood, she looked to the stars: dreaming, wondering, waiting. Her restless heart wanted to see more of the galaxy and go on adventures. At the age of 15, she began to pilot vehicles, often driving home from parties when her friend Annette was too intoxicated. At 17, she found a cargo company that would teach her fighter piloting in a simulator, then a few test runs in the Qiraa system. Calli was one of the best female pilots they had ever seen, so she knew what her profession should be, but also had a hobby of writing, keeping a journal and proofreading for others.

Her dreams would come true when she was of age to take transport off her home world and set out to explore the wild, black yonder.

Freelance Pilot

YT-1210 "Big Brains"

At the Naboo starport, Calli soon met an Ithorian smuggler who wanted his ship off of a shielded planet. Calli agreed to the job and took the public transport to the planet's starport, found the lovely freighter, and piloted it to its destination, where she continued to work for the same patron for many months. In lieu of payment in creds, she got to keep the YT-1210. She was so excited to finally be a ship owner, but more importantly, it afforded her the freedom to travel anywhere at any time.

Tresario Star Kingdom

She joined Tresario Mining Authority on Year 14, Day 320. She oversaw some mine construction, hauling materials, and restarted full mines. But the work was dirty and laborious. She wanted to put her extremely large and intellectual mind to good use. On Year 14 Day 359 - Entered University, took all 4 module exams and final exams in one day - setting a record.

Not long after graduation, she began an internship as a recycling manager in Tresario Salvage Yards. At the end of Year 14, she compiled a "Year End Highlights" article for TSK, which was well received. Followed by another issue of news updates, she felt like a big fish in a small pond, and wished that there was more of an audience to justify her efforts.

"I am interested in transforming trash. You know what they say: one woman's trash is another woman's future husband."

Veritas Press

While trolling the holoboards, Calli noticed a very unusual recruiter with a lot of swagger. She wrote him, and found out of the freelance writer opportunities with Veritas News, Inc. After writing an article, editing another, and then doing an interview, she proved her skills and enthusiasm. She thought she had found her true calling.

On Day 31, The chameleon-like jokester Finar Ambrose invited Calli to the Tortuga Tavern, for possible adventure. With the help of some Ithorian Mist, a fight broke out, Finar threatened them all with his explosives, Calli fainted. When she woke, Finar was officiating a wedding ceremony for her and Wolfgang von Schlavendorf, the financial wizard jawa leader of GSE. Calli's Huttmas wish came true, and she was joyful she would not die as a spinster.

On Day 50, Calli's long planning and preparation were about to pay off, as she was finally making her debut as a Veritas reporter, by advertising on the Galactic Message Exchange the Vote for the new Veritas Awards as part of their third anniversary. She was now in the spotlight, beginning her career, and yet much hard work was still to be done for the issue. On Day 52, she and her adored jawa decided to annul the marriage, not having been able to see each other, and realizing that their careers were the priority.

Techno Union

Gothic phase

After some time alone, she wanted to concentrate on herself, her well being and her assets. She decided to travel and gather items, ships and vehicles that she and any friends or associates owned. Beginning on Day 112, she was a formal member of the Techno Union, under the Trade Federation, but did no direct work for them. They were nice enough and it was mutually beneficial arrangement. On Day 117, she married Kalen Von Lorell in an impromptu ceremony on the beach, with only two witnesses, as the dawn rose. He had been protective of her and promised to keep her safe and out of danger. But of course, he was still drawn to his usual line of criminal work, so they were mostly apart.

After the final parting from her estranged pirate husband, two months later, she longed for the company of others and wanted to join a more social group, deciding on the government where she was already a citizen. Before heading out, she was able to purchase a C-3 Capital ship and Sprint medical freighter, to be prepared for wherever she would need to go.

Falleen Federation

On Year 15 Day 169, she took a formal position as Secretary of Social Development with Falleen Federation, hoping to find inspiration once again to write, create, dream, laugh and inspire. The first day she arrived on Falleen IV, she put her medical ship to good use, rescuing an injured FF member. While he healed in her bacta tank, she went to put down the creature that injured him. Much to her surprise, the howlrunner dropped an egg, so Calli went to fetch it and took it to the FF ranch to hatch it. The pup was adorable and bonded with its new mother quickly, so she named him Scooby Doo.

After a few shipbuilding jobs, she longed to do logistics work again, and began to transport cargo and move around items, to benefit the members of her new family in FF. A five day trip to Naboo was a highlight, then a quick day back on Qiraa to see her parents. After being stalked and harassed by a crazed Diathim, she felt she should not be in a high profile position, and once again was mistrusting of strangers and had lost faith in the ability of the government to protect her.

Also at this time, she learned of the death of her pet Scooby while it was under the care of Valious Riktor, and it upset her greatly. Another hunting trip produced an egg of a hawkbat, but it was not ready to hatch yet.

Natori Association

She would return to where she felt safe, doing administrative work, logistics and security for a man she trusted above most others. She only took risks in her side job of writing and reporting the news. A week long mission to Tatooine was followed by a few days at the Jawa Swap Meet, where she splurged on a Seltiss-2 "Party Boat". Then it was right to Loedorvia to gather VP assets and a cargo skiff for herself as payment. After a few weeks of that, the membership of Natori had diminished to a point where Commander Jenru decided it would be merged back into VP. Such was the fate of many security groups, when mercenaries get bored and return to their lives of crime, or go missing for weeks, without word of their fate.

Y15, Day 275, Calli woke in the middle of the night and had an epiphany. She embarked on a spiritual journey, pondering the mysteries of life, the universe, the infinite, seeking enlightenment.

A Spiritual Path

After Natori merged, Calli gathered her ships and headed to the system where her only owned city was, to begin construction on facilities to transform it into a proper headquarters city for her new venture, with all the types of buildings that would be needed. This project was top secret, with very few knowing the name or type of group that would be created - only those who would be a part of this secret sect.

An excerpt from a recorded interview, Year 15 Day 299:

"Months ago, I took a ... professional journalism assignment, when a challenge was made, to investigate a legendary site that many sentients wonder about, curious as to if it would be worth their effort to make a trip to go visit it. But there was danger in this mission, for it was rumored that no one who had visited in the last century, had ever returned to tell the tale. But enquiring minds want to know, and I had an obligation, nay - a passion, to sate my own enquiring mind about this mystery. So, I found what little information was available about the site - there was an outdated brochure that had nothing recent or to warn tourists about. I took off right away, enduring a miserable two day trip on a Star Tours shuttle, arriving at the docking bay of the planet. I had to buy my own speeder, and spend another two days in travel to the suspected location. Along the way, I met Prennis who agreed to be my guide. So, we finally arrive there, and the building was huge, apparent that it was once magnificent, but had been covered by sands and harsh winds. We walked all around, knocked on the main door. No one answered. It had been abandoned. There were no signs of power, no lights, no hums of generators. Perhaps the inhabitants had all perished, their ancient ways lost in the sands of time? But then.... out in a tent on the corner edge... there was one, a lone sentinel, left to guard the once mighty citadel. It was quite the experience to be able to speak with her; she was wise indeed; and she left me with a seed of wisdom, as if from another time and place, beyond the stars, more ancient than the galaxy, truer than any known truth. This seed took root in my brain, branching through my limbs, inside my arteries, and enveloping my heart. It filled me with an inner peace, a calm. But then my brain began to hunger - for knowledge, wisdom, and answers to everything in the galaxy, and beyond. I had sleepless nights, finding no respite from my research during the long hyper trips of my previous job. My goals changed immediately, and I realized that I had begun a new journey ... on a spiritual path."
— Calli Qirce

Appearance and Personality

Antiqued Portrait
A Night at the Galactic Opera
Attending the CIS Ball