Cancerian Technologies

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Cancerian Technologies
CT logo2.jpg
General Information
Motto "Everyone wants a ship"
Status Dissolved
Leader Crepitus Quix
2IC Csongor Wolf
Historical Information
Founded Year 14 Day 38
Dissolved Year 15 Day 358
Political Information
Industry Ship Manufacturer
Holosite Cancerian Technologies

Cancerian Technologies is a shipwright firm created from the Freelancers Alliance founded by Crepitus Quix in Year 14. When Cancerian Technologies was founded with two goals in center: build shipyards and spaceships.

Because Cancerian Technologies is a new company, public sales of ships will be limited initially. However, any being wishing to construct a shipyard or ships, or have a shipyard built for them, is welcome to contact the leader Crepitus Quix.


CT offers the galaxy currently 3 main areas of services, please contact Mr. Quix or Mr. Wolf for additional information on pricing and location of such services.

  • Shipyard/Factory Management
  • Shipyard/Factory Construction
  • Prospecting


CT offers the Brayl-Class Bulk Freighter as its primary product in the emerging ship market. It is hoped they'll expand to additional ships in the future. In addition they sell Raw Materials gleamed from their planets. Please contact management for pricing and availability of these products.

  • Brayl-Class Bulk Freighter
  • Raw materials