Caos Vend`Etta

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Caos Vend`Etta

Sir Caos Vend`Etta C.F.
Biographical Information
Race Corellian
Homeworld Corellia
Mother Laura Vend`Etta
Father Corbin Vend`Etta
Spouse Single
Siblings Christine and Lucas Vaz(arkanian half twin brothers), Corey Vend`Etta(corellian half brother)
Children None
Born Year -15 Day 357
Died N/A
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 187cm
Coloring Brown
Eye Color Green(original); Crimson Red(actual)
Political Information
Affiliation Tresario Star Kingdom; member of the House Valeo, civilian in The Avance Coalition; and civilian in the Trade Federation
Title Sir(within the Tresario Star Kingdom)
Rank Fleet Admiral
Positions Commanding Officer of the Navy; Colonel of The Order of Tresarian Freedom
Prior Affiliation New Republic; SpecOps
Awards Order of Tresarian Freedom - Small-ootfwhite.png; Ingenuity Star Point - Small-ingenuity.png

"I took the freedom to make some modifications to your body, including those nice pair of sunglasses... don`t worry, you`ll get used to them." - Paolo Bismark the Ithorian butcher



Caos was born a very quiet child who grew up with engines and droids on a farm away from the big cities on the planet of Corellia. He never had the opportunity to go to school because of his parents who feared the Empire. There were no schools near the farm where he lived in his childhood and early adulthood so the education that Caos received was primarily from his mother and his father. At age of 8, Caos helped his father to harvest Alazhi, and by 12 he was responsible for taking all the load to the city and sell it, even under the fearful eyes of his father. Caos grew fascinated by the calmness of his mother, who never took the smile from her face, but he also envied the power of his father, both qualities that he believed he never possessed. He loved to assemble and disassemble engines and old droids, and created many toys and little droids for himself.

Early Adulthood

From the ages of 14 to 16, Caos began to show a strange behavior toward weapons. He always wanted to keep hold of his father's rifle, which he used to shoot down birds and to hunt in the nearby forests. Corbin, Caos' father, needed more than once to go to the forests at night to take Caos back home. In a way to oppose that, Caos was sent by his father and against the wishes of his mother to the cities, where he would spent the most part of the day selling the Alazhi farmed in the villages.

They lived as a family together for almost 17 years, until the Empire began to focus attention on the Alazhi farms of that region, and the regiments began to appear, little by little.

After an incident that almost got Caos killed by Imperial stormtroopers, Corbin and Laura Vend`Etta made ​​the hardest decision of their lives, and sent Caos away on a clandestine ship of Corellia to depart for Rodia. That decision could cause them to never see their son again, but it was either that or have their only son enlisted in the stormtroopers' ranks of the Galactic Empire. Caos went against his will.


That was it. Adulthood and away from home, in a place that he didn't know. Rodia.

ETA-2 "Retaliation" predating the Clone Wars found in a junkyard on the outskirts of a city on Corellia.

Caos spent much time walking here and there, until he lost a bet on podracing that he couldn't pay. Then he started to pilot as a way to pay for his debt. At this time the young Corellian found a scrapyard where he bought an old ETA-2 from the time of the Clone Wars that strangely was yet functional. The ship had the markings "Retaliation".

At this time Caos heard from smugglers and pirates in a bar that the Imperials had attacked and destroyed several villages in the outskirts of Coronet in Corellia. Truly assuming he had lost his family to the Imperials, Caos swore revenge against the Empire. Because of this, the Corellian started to drink and to smoke until he became fully addicted to alcohol and tobacco.

Caos on a procedure table having both arms removed in order to have prosthetics implanted.

After some time, the anger and hatred drove the young Corellian until he found himself winning almost every race that he ran; his skill with speeders at least served him well. Soon Caos became one of the greatest pilots in that specific place on Rodia. With that the eyes of bounty hunters and criminals turned upon him, and angry hunters began to put a price on his head, and as proof of that, he almost died in a pod crash where he was seriously injuried, lost both arms, a leg, had his face disfigured and had several organs totally destroyed. This nearly killed him.

Eight months after that, and after the dust settled with the criminals, Caos woke up in a bed in one of the dark places of Rodia. His arms were now cybernetic limbs that he couldn't handle right at the time, his face was also reconstructed, but different from what he really was, he was almost a droid, and he laughed at that, he laughed, for the last time, because he used to destroy and build droids when he was young and now he was one, and he was alive, but the choices he took left him with irreparable scars. The doctor, an old Ithorian from the Outer Rim, didn't charge for the operation, not even for the care of his recovering body. Caos survived eight months, had several cardiorespiratory arrests, several infections, and spent this whole time without a Bacta Tank. He had made a friend, a good and old friend.

Months after that, Caos enlisted in the New Republic as a pilot of the Starfighter wing.

Physical Appearance

A younger Caos, months before he lost his arms and leg in a podracing incident.

Caos is a breed of Arkanian and Corellian, he has some pale dots on his hand that are increasing in size, his friend The Butcher says it is his Arkanian DNA part, inherited from his mother trying to overtake his Corellian inherited from his father. He has a mix of an athletic and destroyed body, cybernetic implants replacing both arms and one leg, some part of his chest and his face was also rebuilt, and other than that he has plenty, plenty of scars.

He likes to keep his beard and most of the time he is with his sunglasses activated, a present he got from his savior. He doesn't like to show his body to anyone, that's why he always uses a black leather coat and gloves to hide his messed up body, no one knows why he does not like to show it as prosthetic limbs are normal in military fields, but Caos never talks much about it.

Caos also got a intelligent Kernel instaled in his head, it is called EVA. Technically, EVA is a female voice in Caos head that informs him about the inside conditions of his body and some informations she can get from the ambient, but only informations she can get from Caos prostheses, like temperature, atmospheric pressure, wind speed and electrical fields. The corellian can also turn her on and off just by telling her to sleep. Eva saved his life many times since he recovered his body from the crash.


He can be defined as an argumentative person, although he dislikes to talk, when he does he always strikes with an argument. It's almost impossible to find him without a cigarette in his mouth.

Caos hates every form of dishonesty and gives much value to true friendships, he likes to always keep in touch with his friends and is not known for having enemies.

Military Career

After the incident in Rodia, the young and experienced Corellian joined the New Republic as a pilot, serving in the Starfighter Corps along with some people that would become the most truthworthy people he knew. The time with the Republic made him more thoughtful and more experienced. As his piloting skills got better he made the decision to leave the NR with a band of friends.

Those friends formed a group called Alliance Special Operations also called SpecOps, that did mercenary jobs. But as its owners felt that corruption was growing within the New Republic they felt that it was time to make a difficult decision. The decision was to merge the ASO with the Tresario Star Kingdom. Soon it showed to be the best decision for the former Republic members and the corellian. Caos Vend`Etta moved quickly through the ranks of the Tresarian Navy. Today he is the Commanding Officer of the whole royal navy as well as a Colonel of The Tresarian Freedom and a Gryphon. He also received the Ingenuity Point of the Kingdom Star for developing a new technic to map, explore and deploy military tactics in the tresarian controlled space and anywhere of the known space.

The bond between two families

Caos is the only son of Laura Vaz and Corbin Vend`Etta. The familiy Vaz is a strong and big Arkanian family with organized criminal bonds, that was funded by Caos grandfather, The Crime Lord Lucas Vaz. Corbin Vend`Etta comes from a family of corellian smugglers, freelancers and bounty hunters. After Lucas Vaz passed away, his son, Caos uncle, Dariun Vaz, a vicious and vile arkanian took his place as Crime Lord and head of the family. Darium, envying his father's preference towards his sister as Crime Lord, sold Laura to a slavery organization that used Corbin's group and family as transportation, disguising themselves as a galaxy trip organization. Corbin knew Laura on one of these transportation missions, and she told everything to him. Corbin took her and the other slavers to Corellian and freed them, and gave them jobs on farming so they could sustain themselves until they were able to make their way back to their homes. Laura felt in love with that man and they married months after that. Darium eventually found out about the escape of Laura and her marriage with the corellian named Corbin, he considered it a humiliation to the family and to him. He, then, sent dozens of his men to assassinate Corbin and bring back Laura, but these men never returned. Laura and Corbin Vend`Etta built their home on Corellia and lived there for almost 20 years. In this meantime Caos was born. He was the only bond between the two families.

Known Ships

Vend'Etta's ETA-2, named Retaliation.

The Retaliation, an old ETA-2 from the time of the Clone Wars, is very damaged but Caos survived many encounters with better equipped and more modern ships. The Retaliation is his pride and, even as a person not believing in luck, he calls the ship his lucky charm.

Vend'Etta's Hammerhead Cruiser, named Pride of Corbin.

The Pride of Corbin, named after his father, is Caos' fleet flagship. It is a ship dated from the Clone Wars but with all its equipment up to date. It holds two squads of Z-95 fighters and some other ships, as well as tons of equipment and many of his personal clone army. Paolo Bismark has a room of his own in this ship where he develops his works and studies with medicine and cybernetics.