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Space Rescue Corps
General Information
Motto Maintaining the safety of travelers in space and rescuing those in peril.
Status Active
Leader Bancho Curr
2IC Gage McDaniel
Owner Bancho Curr
Historical Information
Founded Year18 Day 308
Political Information
Affiliation none
Industry Category:Production
Holosite [2]

The history of space travel is filled with stories of ship crews left to drift through deep space for eternity by ruthless pirates and bandits. There are stories of people stranded on abandoned space stations and hostile planets. Most governments and organizations highly value their members but occasionally incidents occur leaving members trapped on board lost ships. Space Rescue Corps was established to provide professional emergency response care to anyone who needs it, in the fastest possible time frame, regardless of political affiliation, race, criminal record, economic or social status, etc...

Some Space Rescue Corps members might strike you as a little rough around the edges but you'll never find a more competent, resourceful and trustworthy bunch of sentients. Members come from all sorts of backgrounds but all have a common cause. To save lives. Most are willing to lay down their lives to save the life of a stranger, who may even have at one time been their enemy. They are by no means suicidal though, they will fight with a passion to keep themselves and those under their protection, alive at all costs. All Space Rescue Corps Members are required to be versatile and adaptable, they may at times be required to perform tasks outside of their job description.

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