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History: This Gengh-Noghri Sekou Tau accepted the way of the Mandalorian, shortly after he and his crew had been betrayed and they left the Pentastar Alignment of Powers. The friends drifted apart, across the galaxy but stayed relatively close over the years. At first he was skeptical when he began to hear about the Mandolarian ways. But soon found them to be very similar to his own cultural traditions. He was approached by the clans, Death Watch and Ar'klim. A difficult choice, after much contemplation he chose the latter clan to study and learn from. Samantha Braxton and a company of private military contractors left with him and after a short stint with the Krath Dynasty, Sekou and his band traveled the galaxy, working as a military and business advisors. These friends became his Household and the basis of living the Six Tenets grew amongst them. After conferring with both new and old friends, he deepened his understanding and decided to form Clan Ba'Tay and make it official.

Family: Aliit Ba'Tay are known for having a modern approach to the Resol'nare, compared to other Mandalorian clans. This befits them and their style of business. Typical career paths are military tacticians, strategists, and advisors, diplomats, businesspersons and leaders. However, the clan members are highly devoted to each other. They typically only speak Mando'a during special or private circumstances, such as the adoption of a new clan member or discreet conversations. They fully believe in the pursuit and sharing of knowledge and as such, are known to be linguists, tinkerers and specialists. Although they are no less warriors than anyone else, they prefer to play the long game and use their wits first and foremost.

General Information: Status Active Leader Aliit'buir Sekou Tau Aliit'alor Jaydon TaVolarian Aliit'Cabur Dendran Bastile

Motto: "Eskrubiva atcara bal olaror tekar ti e'yatida'yagr bal kot."- "Improvise adapt and overcome with intelligence and strength." Headquarters: Muhdu'a Yaim (mobile and classified) Historical Information Founded: Year 20 Day 130 Political Information: Neutral Affiliation: None

Pillars of Honor 1. Versatility 2. Sagacity 3. Foresight 4. Vigilance

Clan colors: Black, Blue and Lavendar Clan emblem/logo: A lavender eye, on a black background, encircled inside a midnight blue border. Then superimposed over a black sword silhouette.