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Posted by Samurai on Year 5 Day 159

Onboard the Y-Wing Samurai's Katana in system Kuat.

You see a figure sitting behind a desk. He looks up with a cold look in his eyes.

Citizens of the galaxy. Today is truly a glorious day when we Master Vodo was appointed Emperor. With this new leadership, there comes change within; be it personnel and/or policies. ISB is and will be always behind Emperor Vodo as he is behind us.

The citizens to the galaxy will see from this day forth, there will be zero tolerance when it comes to citizens of the Empire; especially those within our military forces; participating in illegal activities. No quarter will be given to those that steal, lie or cheat Imperial citizens. Be a pirate and you shall be persecuted as a pirate.

ISB shall ensure all citizens of the Empire are protected and able to lead a life they feel safe in.

I would also like to announce that the current warrant list has been modified. That all ex-Imperials; with the exception of Aintab and Veers; have been removed. It is in the best interest of the Empire to focus not on the punishment and judgement of our brothers, but on the punishment of Pirates, Rebels, Terrorists and Jedi.

Your screen goes black after a few seconds.