Changing Times

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Posted by Michael Olie on Year 5 Day 317

Onboard the Y-Wing BTL-A4 Longprobe Maranak at galactic position (-127, 344).

The GNS Emblem spins a few times as the familiar face of Financial reporter Daniel Nargoth.

"Breaking News from Universal Network Bank Headquarters just came in. We now goto UNB headquarters for the press confrence."

The camera fades out and then fades in with a picture of President Michael Olie standing up infront of a Podium and in one of his finely pressed suits flanked by a few Bank Managers and Investment Officers he steps up to the Mic and speaks. "Today at 11:14 Central Galactic Time, Universal Network Bank became part of the Myorzo family of Companies. We are glad to join such a illustrious family of companies and look forward to a bright future offering our services to the Citizens of the Galaxy." With that he stepped back from the podium and nodded his thanks before turning and heading back to the repulsorlift.

Meanwhile Bank Manager Kerowyn Olie-Cobain stepped up Mic and looked over the crowd. "All Questions may be forwarded to myself or President Olie via our holoscreen page."