Charlena Halo

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Charlena Halo
Charlena Holocron.jpg
Biographical Information
Race Corellian
Homeworld Corellia
Mother Briana Halo
Father Joran Halo
Marital Status Single
Spouse None
Siblings Stephanie Barefoot (Adopted)
Children None
Born BCGT Year 8
Languages Galactic Basic
Quote "I don't believe in the Force. Wait, I'm what???"
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 1.75 meters
Hair Color Brunette (dyed purple)
Eye Color Brown
Political Information
Affiliation GalSec
Title Magistrate
Rank Major
Prior Affiliation Ankh Group, Ankh Biomedical Services, Meteora Enterprises, Freelance
Awards None

Charlena Halo is currently a Freelance businesswoman operating mainly in the southern end of the galaxy. She operates a small fleet of ships that she uses in her transport business, Halo Independent Enterprises. She currently operates out of her command ship, the Triumph.


Charlena on her family farm as a girl.

Charlena was born to Briana and Joran Halo on Corellia, on a farm on the outskirts of the Corellian capital Cornet. From a young age, Charlena dreamed about adventure and traveling among the stars. When she was old enough, she would take her speeder bike out to the hills, away from the city lights and watch the stars twinkle in the night sky, imagining all the ships flying between them. Her parents were less than thrilled at this prospect, as they were farmers and wanted her to continue the family business. One of the ways she rebelled as a teen was to dye her hair from brunette to purple, which she still does to this day.

The rebellion and not wanting to be planetbound anymore all came to a head at the age of 21 after an argument with her parents, she finally decided to leave Corellia behind and take to the stars. Taking her speeder bike to the capital city Cornet, she traded it for credits and bought a ticket off the planet. With only the clothes on her back, she set out for adventure among the stars.

Ankh Biomedical Services

Her first job was working at Ankh Biomedical Services. She was hired by A`ab Driff Ka`ar (Called 'Driff by his friends and co-workers), the founder and leader of Ankh Biomedical Services. She moved up in the ranks from simple delivery pilot to managing other pilots. A few months after starting work at Ankh, the Driff, the leader and her friend was killed in a tragic accident. This catapulted the second in command, Tom Krusher to take the reigns and lead Ankh Biomedical. He quickly appointed Charlena as the Second in Command. Ankh had a successful run under Tom's leadership and Charlena learned a lot about how to conduct business.


Tom Krusher lead Ankh Biomedical Services for many months. Soon, he decided to pass the mantle of leadership to Charlena. Within one week of assuming leadership, the first crisis hit. An employee of Ankh got into a fight with a member of the notorious Dark Star Hellions. This almost touched off a a conflict between the two groups which would have resulted in many deaths. Fortunately, the intervention of a few individuals and some hasty negotiation headed off a bloody conflict. She lead production and transport duties for several more months until the dissolution of Ankh Biomedical Services in Year 14 due to lack of sales and rising material costs.


After selling off the most of the assets of Ankh Biomedical Services and sharing the profits of the sales with the former employees, Charlena decided to go freelance. She wanted to build ships and have the freedom to go where she wanted.. She started construction on her own shipyard in deep space near the Shownar system. Combined with the factories on Shownar II, she would be able to produce fighters and transport ships to sell to the galaxy.

In her business dealings, she met the owner of Meteora Enterprises, Chester Riddick. The two quickly struck up a friendship that ended up with Charlena working for Meteora Enterprises.

Meteora Enterprises

Charlena started building ships and moving materials around for Meteora. Soon, she became part of a team in the company to scout out new systems and After several months of scanning, nothing turned up and the search was abandoned and Charlena returned to her normal duties. Soon, Chester made her is second in command. Sadly, the pressures of being in such a high position again got to her, and Charlena had a breakdown.

Charlena left Meteora and found herself frequenting the Taverns and bars of Malastare. The pressure of leadership was too much and for a while, she worked on losing herself in the bottom of a bottle of Corellian Brandy. The moment that woke her up out of her stupor came when she was ambushed by bandits out next to a bar. With a little quick thinking and using her training, she was able to disarm the bandit, who found himself on the wrong end of his Imperial Scout Blaster. After this incident, Charlena decided that she needed to do more with life than become a barfly in some backwater drinking hole. She picked herself up, got back to her ship and sobered up.

Freelance Again

Once again, Charlena found her setting out on her own. Using her savings from previous business ventures, she was able to secure the sale of a Modular Taskforce Cruiser. Using this ship, and the others in her fleet, she would be able to start up a private transportation & hauling venture.

A New Force

Charlena ran transport jobs for almost half a year. While she was taking a well-earned rest, she saw that a friend had a machine called a Force Detector for sale. Since Charlena liked to collect rare and odd bits of technology, she bought it from her friend.

After a short trip, she picked up the machine. Not knowing what it was, and always curious, Charlena played around with it for a bit. She saw that the two paddles looked like they head, so she did that and turned the machine on. She laid back and relaxed as a warm fuzzy sensation filled her body. The relaxing didn't last long, It felt like something was running around inside her skull. Just as she was about to remove the paddles, the machine turned off, and a hologram of her body with a blue aura was projected from the device. She immediately put the machine down, baffled as to what it meant. A few days of research provided a clue, a blue aura around a person indicates they are sensitive to the Force.

She had heard of rumors about something called the Force, but she never believed in something she couldn't see. She pondering what this meant, could she move things just by thinking about it? Sense stuff that before it happened?

She read about the history of the Force, the different groups associated with it, and what it did. In the past, there were groups called the Jedi and Sith and others whose existence revolved around the Force. She was neither Jedi or Sith. She didn't believe in either of their philosophies. Upon further research, she came upon a group known as The Corellian Order, an offshoot of the Jedi Order. They're philosophy of balance suited her. Their creed read:

"Emotion, yet Peace.
Ignorance, yet Knowledge.
Passion, yet Serenity.
Chaos, yet Harmony.
Death, yet the Force."
— The Corellian Order

Charlena ready for another training session.

Using some information and knowledge acquired from her research, she started meditating on her own, trying to focus on her surroundings and connection with the Force. At first, it was just a mere tickle at the back of her mind, like a shadow moving out of the corner of your eye. With more practice, she was able to bring this more to the front of her mind. It still takes a lot of focus and concentration to even feel it’s presence, but she feels it getting stronger with time.

Charlena’s favorite use of the force so far is to be able to move objects, which comes in very handy when it comes time to clean up her quarters.

She also knows that some Force sensitive people seek out others who are very skilled. Someday she hopes she can learn from them so she can expand her skills in the force, but it may take a while to find one that meets her needs and schedule.


Charlena is generally easy going, and likes helping others. She rarely gets in a fight, but will defend herself and her friends if necessary. She can get frustrated when things don’t go her way, leading to bouts of depression. She does like collecting odd things from around the galaxy, especially ships and weapons. Her passion is flying, whether it be her command ship, a fighter, or just a simple speeder bike, she is happiest when she is at the controls of a ship.


Charlena quickly found out the galaxy is a dangerous place, which prompted her to acquire armor and weapons. Her current armor and weapons fitout provides her heavy protection, and ease of movement.

Charlena's Heavy Battle Helmet

Charlena HBH.png

A heavily modified Heavy Battle Helmet with integrated comms for directing her security troops and a Macro Binocular mount.

Charlena's Heavy Battle Armor

Charlena HBA.png

A heavily modified Heavy Battle Armor unit. Charlena paid technicians on an isolated moon on the galactic rim to give her armor that would provide maximum protection without restricting her movement abilities. While it can protect her from most blaster bolts, it is always better to dodge them first.

Charlena's A280

Charlena A280.png

Charlena's prefered weapon, the A280. From a young age Charlena was trained in the use of weapons and the A280 fits her needs nicely, providing long range, heavy hitting firepower.

Charlena's Scout Blaster

Charlena Scout Blaster.png

Her sidearm was recovered from a bandit who tried to ambush her on Malastare. Charlena found the Imperial Scout Blaster to be a light, yet powerful blaster that fit her needs well.

Personal Ships

Charlena has a wide variety of ships in her fleet, but more often than not, you’ll find her flying around in one of these ships.


Triumph Large.png

The Modular Taskforce Cruiser Triumph is her command ship which houses her fleet of ships. Due to the versatility of the ship and its massive cargo capacity, She is usually flying it around from job to job.

Red Moon


The Horizon Star Yacht Red Moon is her personal run-about ship. When she needs to go from one place to another quickly, she usually takes this ship. It also houses her personal armory and trophy collection.



The Erinyes is a modified Y-Wing BTL-A4 Longprobe that Charlena uses for short range, personal transport. Sometime in the past a previous owner added additional hull plating, increasing the strength of the ship. It is painted in purple & gold, Charlena's favorite combination.