Clarification of a Slight Misunderstanding

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Posted by Eboda Raas on Year 0 Day 0

From the Landing Pad Eboda Trust SpacePort in city Eboda Landing on planet Mon Calamari

For Immediate Release: To GNS

From: Office of Director Eboda Raas, Colonial ShipWorks

Subject: Clarification of a Slight Misunderstanding.

This statement is being released in an effort to prevent any future misunderstandings by the public at large or any particular faction. Colonial ShipWorks is charted to operate in the City of Eboda Landing. This is a tax free city that was established prior to any claims of ownership or governorship and thus is exempt from any new attempts to impose taxes. As Director of Colonial and founder of Eboda Landing I regret any misunderstanding that may have resulted from those who are unfamiliar with the history of our beautiful planet and as always I am ready to discuss this matter with any party.

End of Statement