Clash on Ingo

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Posted by Okrim Rimdor on Year 14 Day 350

Onboard the Guardian-class Medium Cruiser ACNS Sovereignty in system Anzat (317, 185).


Clash on Ingo

The planet Ingo is located deep within the Bortele Cluster and was one of the original collection of independent planets which banded together with the New Anzat Order to form the Anzatan Commonwealth. The rich history and culture of the planet is also accompanied with its well preserved forests, jungles and crystal clear oceans, a heritage that the Commonwealth works tirelessly to protect from wanton destruction. It was on day 315 of the 14th year CGT that one of these routine security patrols first detected the disturbance when its long range sensors reported explosions and shots fired from deep in Ingo's forests. Reconnaissance teams were dispatched to ascertain the source.

Reports that the commotion was caused by President of Cancerian Technologies Crepitus Quix and the General of Cancerian Security Forces Kifoszt Alak, both accompanied by full squads of riflemen, were verified by Minister Okrim Rimdor who was called in to oversee the operation. He first conducted a low altitude fly by as an act of warning but this was ignored and they continued their assault. Minister Rimdor surveyed the surrounding area while he called an emergency meeting of his fellow ministers to make sure that their presence in the Ingo system was unauthorised.


Large areas of Ingo have been designated protected areas of natural beauty.

After confirming his fears, the decision from High Command was unanimous for the illegal activities to be halted immediately. Minister Rimdor knew that he was outnumbered two to one, so he timed his strike carefully. He choose to flank his targets, isolating them from the help of each other, and then proceeded to arrest them one by one. This guerilla assault was successfully neutralised, without any fatalities on either side.

Professor Ylrevo Dednetxe Rohpatem of the Royal Anzatan Institute of Military Science offered this explanation of the operation. "Once scans indicated Cancerian forces had spread to Ingo, an immediate surgical strike becomes necessary. If left unchecked, aggressive cells such as Cancerian Technologies can continue to expand leaving nothing but death and destruction in its wake. Fortunately in this case, the Cancerian attack was caught early and minimises lasting impact on the affected systems."

This however was not the first skirmish between Cancerian Technologies and the Anzatan Commonwealth. The first shots were fired when civilian construction workers from the Anzatan Commonwealth were attacked by operatives from Cancerian Technologies shortly after settling within the Boonta system. Through diplomacy and trade Anzatan settlements on the neighbouring planets were exchanged for other on Boonta II to shore up planetary security. Before long the planet was officially recognised as the latest Commonwealth member state after the majority of the planet's inhabitants declared themselves to be Commonwealth citizens. Unfortunately not all of these negotiations with the other stakeholders were successful. Commonwealth efforts to establish diplomatic or trade relations with Cancerian Technologies were met with hostility and rudely rebuffed thus leaving a small Cancerian affiliated nation within the Northern Hemisphere. It is suspected that Cancerian Technologies chose to engage in guerilla warfare within the Ingo system in the hopes of agitating civil unrest in the futile hope of destabilising wider Commonwealth governance.


Could Cancerian Technologies be linked to wider bandit attacks?

In recent years reports of banditry have drastically increased throughout the galaxy. Professor Rohpatem and his colleagues have proposed many theories as to what is causing this surge in violent attacks. Security analysts blame a proliferation of cheap weaponry which has allowed bands of criminals to pillage trade routes, plunder farms, and raid isolated settlements. Health experts cite the rise in Ryll addiction rates pushing many drug users into a life of violent crime.

Economic writers seem to think the collapse of the economies on the galaxy's ecumenopoleis (massive cities spanning entire planets) has pushed billions into poverty which has led to a considerable rise in crime. Some Governments are instituting planet wide facility deconstruction programs, which will rebalance the local economy, but unfortunately many millions of inhabitants are forced from their homes. These nomads sometimes turn to banditry as a viable means of survival.

Although conspiracy theorists link the attacks to the rise of upshot organisations as Cancerian Technologies, experts strongly contest this theory. They believe that bandit violence is so widespread and disorganised no single group could have the resources required to organise such an endeavour. In addition to this, bandit attacks seem to be indiscriminate with no Government being disproportionately targeted or avoided, leaving little political motive for such a conspiracy. Therefore many prefer to point to wider social issues affecting the galaxy. What they can agree on, is that these attacks appear to show no signs of letting up and advise all individuals, corporations, and governments alike to take suitable measures to protect themselves.