Clearing Up The Haze

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Posted by Hawk Muldrake on Year 5 Day 216

Onboard the Guardian-class Medium Cruiser AOS Iserdak in system Twanton.

Ministers from the New Anzat Order addressed the information that the Hapes Consortium was sending a fleet to the conflict zone in the Allied Tion sector.

The press delegation was told that the NAO was not pleased that the Hapan military chose to interdict in an NAO area of sovereign authority.

A spokesman from the Ministry of External Affairs told GNS reporters today, "We are currently involved in negotiations to limit the presence of the Hapan fleet to that of an observation force. This force will ensure the protection of its ambassadors, and not act as an aggressive or invasion force.

In addition, the NAO Armed Forces have guaranteed the safety of the Hapan people, both ambassadors and the Hapan fleet sent to Allied Tion. The longstanding relationship between the Hapes Consortium and the New Anzat Order will not be broken."

There was also discussion on the possibility of a unilateral cease-fire to be adopted by the NAO. Reports indicate that NMI has responded as the NAO had wished and talks have been renewed to resolve the matter. However, NAO officials have stopped short of stating that the cease-fire was in effect. Random fire has been heard on the surface but no casulaties have been reported so far by either side.

An inside source has told the GNS that support remains popular within the New Anzat Order for the police action undertaken by the NAO against NMI, despite the Hapan interdiction. Furthermore, despite attempts at negotiation, Corbin has continued to use greed as a platform to find common ground. Officials are hoping that the Hapan presence will bring a fresh wind to the table and a peaceful result will be found.