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Clock the 'Roids (CtR) is an extreme sport event consisting of piloting a ship through an asteroid field and being the best pilot in it. Used as training by the former StarVengers, the race has emerged back in the New Republic in the past year. The event has gained undeniable popularity, even going galaxy-wide at times.

The Clock the Roids Grand Prix was held by Narvaka Entertainment in different systems.

The ships used for racing were: A-Wing, B-Wing, X-Wing, YT-1300, Y-wing BTL-A4 Longprobe, Firespray-class Interceptor, Sprint-class rescue craft, Delta-7 Aethersprite (only available to Force Sensitives), and MC-80b.


A few years ago, when the galaxy was less populated, the StarVengers and the Wraiths reigned as the two main mercenary groups in the galaxy. Through the generations, the StarVengers reputation as excellent pilots had been passed down and no one could possibly claim to have caught one of their ace pilots in a direct one-on-one chase. Their top-level talent remained a mystery for a long time.

Recently, the heir to the StarVengers group, Lukastar Narvaka, also a top-level pilot, was called upon to take control of the family business and follow with the tradition. It was not until he joined the New Republic that Lukastar decided to share the intense training program followed by the StarVengers recruits and veterans alike, thinking it might help the pilots of his new family to have a better chance of destroying the ultimate enemy, the Galactic Empire.

The StarVengers had long ago learned that reflexes are everything when piloting, although they were no Jedi, they could refine their skills by practicing through asteroid fields. It is said that to be granted a place amongst the StarVengers, a person had to survive for three days in the Anzat asteroids field. Then, each week, all the Vengers would go out in the field and see who would go further. This training was very intense and every pilot wanted to come out on top, pride was the sole gain one would get from winning these simulations, but every pilot went out and gave it their best because they wanted to remain on top of their game. Clock the ‘Roids, as it was called, was primarily a training exercise, but the pilots used it for entertainment, jumping in their ship at any free time to go on and break their personal records.

When Lukastar decided to bring back CtR, it instantly became one of the most popular sporting events in the New Republic and even throughout the Galactic Alliance. Pilots from all over the galaxy come and compete to have a chance at being the best of the best and go back home with the prestigious CtR trophy.

The last tournament was held on Year 13 Day 247.

Past winners were: Mirax Qualayen, Draven Elensar, Bazak Shadowflame, Jay Ceveri.

Clock the 'Roids Grand Prix

The Grand Prix consisted of seven races:

  1. Republic Circuit (15) located in Republica (15,11)
  2. Narvaka Circuit (20) located in Tyrius (4,6), around the Academy
  3. Max Solusar Memorial Raceway (10) located in Kashyyk (10,10)
  4. Bpfasshi Asteroid Field Racing Complex (20) located in Bpfassh (9,9)
  5. Evan Cornforth Championship Racing Belt (15) located in Tythe (5,18)
  6. StarVengers Asteroid Challenge (10) located in Deysum (13,5)
  7. Teraab Challenge Spaceway (Survival in the field) located in Hoth's Brand