Cloud City Statement

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Posted by Gabriella Storm on Year 0 Day 0

Onboard the J-type 322 Starship TSM Captivating in system Bespin.

Release Immediately

Cloud City Statement

Cloud City: Direct from Princess Storm

Fellow citizens and my gentle friends, what chaotic times we face. Theft and corruption abound to such a degree, that it's difficult to tell friend from foe. It is nearly impossible to conduct even the simplest of trades without the fear of losing everything.

How did we fall to such a low situation? There is no integrity, no strength of character where people do what they say they will. A lie is simple. Double-crossing friends and associates simply because one can.... How very sad for us all.

I do not beleive in the Jedi. I do not believe Felix does anything out of the goodness of his heart. But I do see one small spark of goodness in this whole tangled mess. That is a releif fund. It is reminiscent of my own Memorial Fund I established in the name of Giselle Talaan. Perhaps this one small gesture will restore some sanity to the galaxy. Perhaps the veil of lies and deceit will be lifted from mens eyes. And then again, perhaps not.