Commerce Guild

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Commerce Guild
General Information
Status Active
Leader Pat Rulla
Owner Trade Federation
Historical Information
Political Information
Affiliation Trade Federation
Industry Mining
Holosite Commerce Guild

The Commerce Guild (CG) is the mining and extraction company associated with the Trade Federation and it's network of affiliates. The Commerce Guild, lead by Director Pat Rulla, is tasked with locating and providing the Trade Federation with the raw materials they need as they are needed. The personnel of the Commerce Guild are skilled in many facets of the mining industry and during their time at CG, recruits are often asked to take part in Prospecting for material deposits, Construction of new mining outposts as well as the Extraction process of the valuable materials. CG employees are on occasion required to assist in the Transportation of materials as despite being based in the Nouane sector, CG also has mining locations in multiple other Sectors. Due to the size of the significant demands of the Trade Federation and it's affiliates, at this time the Commerce Guild provides no services to the public, instead focusing on meeting the requirements of the ever growing Trade Federation network.

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