Commerce Guild and the Confederacy of Independent Systems

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Posted by Nereus Eruresto on Year 5 Day 222

Onboard the Pnath-class Shuttle TFN Sentinel at galactic position (186, 82).

The familiar image of the Trade Federation Government building press area hits the screen again. In the right hand corner of the image is the TF logo with a news ticker scrolling the latest updates along the bottom. Amidst other updates you spot "Trade Federation press conference to announce big expansion". The galactic news reporters of all different races, crouching on the steps of the building, sit up quickly as the door at the end of the walkway to the building opens. The deep red Vinsothi wood doors slide open and two cleanly polished battle droids trot forward, their metal feet clanking on the stone walkway as they approach. Behind them a tall Corellian paces forward, a folder under his arm and a large smile on his face. His blue Corellian robe sways in the wind softly as he walks. His customary quarterstaff is slung over his shoulder and he waves to the reporters and attending guests as he nears the podium. He sets down the folder and opens it up, pulling out a datacard which he slides into a slot on the podium. He looks up and adresses the crowd::

"Greetings fellow Trade Federation citizens, esteemed guests, and galactic sentients everywhere. Today marks a great time for the Trade Federation and our people. Today marks the day that the Trade Federation begins its expansion. We have been recieving new systems under our control, some great new members in our departments, and more sentients protected by our government. All of this expansion within the Trade Federation has brought before the Cabinet the obvious need to expand our existing facilities and services to the galaxy."

Nereus smiles and the holoprojector displays a rotating image as he continues speaking

This is the logo of our recent expansion faction, the Commerce Guild. Today, the Commerce Guild has joined the Trade Federation Government as a nationalised mining faction. The Commerce Guild, along with outside factions will be prospecting and mining the Glythe Sector. If you or your mining faction would like to discuss such an agreement, our diplomacy teams can always be reached at

The Commerce Guild will be lead by a Veteran member of the Trade Federation-Dev Nul, who has helped pave its future since, well, since before I was ever around! ::laughs:: Unfortunately, Dev Nul, as could be expected is very busy ensuring his mining faction gets off on the right foot. It has been a tremendous day for all involved already and there's still sunlight left. Rest assured, Dev will be reporting the updates for the Commerce Guild as they develop. Backed by the Trade Federations capital and security investment, the Commerce Guild is showing great internal expansion and development already. We encourage anyone interested in joining this growing new mining faction to view their holoboard at and see how they can join the Commerce Guild and make a better life for themselves.

Nereus smiles as the logo being displayed switches to a different one

With the creation of the Commerce Guild, the Trade Federation is also announcing the founding of a new galaxy-wide organisation designed to bring businesses together for mutual benefaction and protection. The Confederacy of Independent Systems will provide an environment and relationship between all types of factions within the galaxy promoting communication and teamwork to benefit all members. The Trade Federation, being the founder company is the head faction, while a Council that consists of the leaders of all of the member factions is the governing body of the CIS. Recently, Trade Federation diplomats have been discussing with several factions the possibility of joining the CIS. All factions so far have shown clear interest and desire to be apart of such a galactic organisation. We hope to announce several more members very shortly. The CIS is open to any faction in the galaxy, and we encourage everyone to view their holoboard at to get more information and contact a representative to discuss having your faction join the growing number of businesses uniting together for mutual benfit.

Nereus smiles as the logo fades and he is left at the podium with the two battle droids on either side of him. He looks anxious and excited as he asks for questions from the reporters. Many throw up their hands eagerly, and Nereus points to a Rodian down to his right. The Rodian stands up and asks, "You certainly know, Duceroy, that the Trade Federation has created many agreements with outside mining factions prior to this, will the Trade Federation still be upholding those agreements after creating the Commerce Guild?"

Nereus replied, "Certainly, my friend. The Trade Federation is a government of its word. We will respect any agreement formerly made between the Trade Federation and any other faction, in fact we encourage all factions that are a part of our Sales Outlet or Mining Projects to contact a Trade Federation representative immediately to discuss any questions or concerns they may have."

Nereus points to a female Hapan near the back, she stands up and asks, "Duceroy, you mentioned that the CIS will provide businesses the oppurtunity to come together for 'mutual benefaction and protection'. What exact benefits can a faction joining the CIS look forward to?"

Nereus replies,"While exact details will be decided by the Council of leaders of the membering factions, I think the most beneficial part of being in the CIS will be the cooperation and unity that will be shared between the factions. Factions will be constantly brainstorming together and helping each other as they progress in the galaxy together. You could think of this as a Meeting of the Minds idea for the galaxy's great businesses."

Nereus acknowledges a twi'lek reporter up front who begins speaking, "How active will the Trade Federation be in the Leadership of the CIS?"

Nereus smiles and answers, "Ah yes, I must not have made myself entirely clear. The Trade Federation will have as much voice in the leadership as any other company in the CIS. The Viceroy will preside over the Council meetings, but other than that, all companies, no matter how big or small, will be given an equal voice and an equal stake in the CIS. This is directed towards helping all companies in the galaxy unite together under one banner to increase the strength of all."

Nereus nods to a short wookie near the front and said, "Yes, the cute little ewok in the front..." The short Wookie lets out a fierce, although high-pitched growl, as he shakes his fist at Nereus before speaking gruffly, "Duceroy, there have been some rumors as to the Trade Federation's interest in the realm of production, are any of these rumors true?"

Nereus smiled and replied, "My Furry Friend, don't believe everything you hear. But in this case, the rumors are based on some truth. The Trade Federation is sketching out plans for the creation of the Techno Union in the near future. I can't say anymore, but rest assured, we will let you know as we do. But we have decided on a logo so far, so I can let you guys have a peek at that."

Nereus tapped the podium and the logo was projected

Nereus holds up his hands to silence the reporters as they begin throwing out more questions. "That is all the time we have today, as you can assume, we have a lot of work to do to make accomidations for all of the delegates we have been receiving as well as ensuring the CIS and CG are running perfectly. We will have another conference soon to adress further issues. Thank you."

With this, Nereus turns around and walks swiftly back into the building, flanked by the droids. The camera pans out past the reporters and the angry short wookie and fades into the Trade Federation Logo