Concord Dawn I

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Concord Dawn I
Planet 3.png
System Concord Dawn
Sector Mandalore
Galactic Coordinates (141, 207)
System Coordinates (14, 10)
Astrographic Entry Concord Dawn I
Type hot/breathable
Primary Terrain: Dessert
Rotational Period
Orbital Period
Population 3,104,738,653 inhabitants
Controlled By Mandalore
Governor Mandalore


Not to be confused with the temperate agricultural world of Concord Dawn whose system it shares, Concord Dawn Prime is a small industrialized Desert Planet close to its sun.


Unlike its more hospitable counterpart, Concord Dawn Prime is a harsh world with little in its favor. Its entire terrain is covered with city-scape.


Conquered at the same time as the rest of the Concord Dawn System, Concord Dawn Prime served as little more than a military stronghold for Mandalore. But, like all heavily defended areas, it eventually came to be called home to those who preferred the protection of an active military presence no matter how inhospitable the location. Today the world is covered by a vast city scape. It has a Golan II Space Defense Station located in orbit ready to challenge any who might threaten the safety of it's citizens.