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This article is for the GNS post revealing the constellation, for the actual constellation go to: Constellation Jawa

Posted by: Jic Uiji, Jawa Offworld Enterprises

Date: Year 20 Day 78 Onboard the Strike-Class Medium Cruiser [JIC] Ootmian Pankpa in system n/a (230, 122).

Recently, a prominent Jawa by the name of Kolomon Seph, engaging in attempts to better map the galaxy, stumbled upon what can only be described as a true "Utinni" moment. This was the discovery of a constellation that appears to depict a robed Jawa beneath the twin suns of Tatooine, perhaps serving as a steady reminder to Jawas about how far many of them have come from their homeworld. This has led to a push to recognize this "constellation of the Jawa" as a galactic wonder, and to add it to popular galactic sightseeing guides.

Breakdown of the constellation

As can be seen in this visual breakdown of the constellation, it clearly depicts a robed figure with two brightly glowing eyes. Additionally, two especially prominent celestial bodies make up what could only represent the twin suns of Tatooine overhead. The constellation is even detailed enough to show the wrinkles which so easily form in the robes which Jawas traditionally wear.

However, this constellation has not been without those who doubt it. Rik Wolk, noted galactic sightseer, commented, "To the educated eye, it looks quite average, nothing special to see here! I like the colour, though. Most beautiful!" Additionally, cynical human public figure and saleswoman, Jaydon TaValorian, commented, "It needs more stars in the robe and I keep getting distracted by what appears to be a claw reaching out where you have the Jawa eyes and hood." These comments have largely been reacted to with disgust in the Jawa community, with them being viewed as further examples of "the humans" viewing Jawa accomplishments as never truly measuring up.

One notable Jawa religious leader, Neb Edik, famous for championing an organized Jawa religion rooted in the traditional clan structure, stated that this constellation only cemented his own belief that Jawas were personally created by the great maker. This naturally would have profound effects on current galactic understanding of Jawas, with many humancentric scholars stating that Jawas are simply offshoots of humans or more humanlike species. However, to address the inevitable naysayers, Neb Edik simply stated, "Look at the constellation and tell me you do not see a fellow Jawa standing in the desert of Tatooine. The likeness is truly incredible and must be an act of the most inventive creator."

Constellation directly compared to a Jawa

This religious idea with regards to the constellation is reportedly gaining traction even among humans and those of others religions. One individual, a Jedi and as such a highly religious man, Dante Erinith, stated, "There's certainly precedent. It wouldn't even be the silliest religion in the past couple of decades. Did you know there's one going around that believes our personalities boil down to colours, of all things? Really, if something like that can take off, then I say all power to the Jawa." Clearly, the constellation of the Jawa is gaining widespread appeal.

Additionally, as constellations are often highly open to interpretation, many Jawas wonder about how exactly this constellation will be remembered. There is even division in the Jawa community on what should truly count as the Jawa constellation and what it should be named. One notable division is if Jawas should recognize the Jawa constellation as the primary celestial Jawa or if the Jawa nebula is a superior celestial formation for Jawa representation. This massive nebula cannot be viewed in its entirety from any one system, but portions of it can be seen from a multitude of locations around the known galaxy. Additionally, according to some, the nebula serves as a better representation of a Jawa than the constellation, with the twin suns of the more commonly accepted Jawa constellation being the eyes within the Jawa hood that the nebula is shaped as.

Jawa Nebula, pieced together from several images taken from different systems

Regardless, the Jawa community and much of the broader non-human community tends to support the Jawas' newfound galactic wonder. Notable Chiss, Rawth Shacklefist, commented, "Don't be surprised if it gets rebranded with some generic human name instead, what with their penchant for arriving late and just appropriating things for their own purposes."

As such, the Jawa community, specifically that of Jawas who left their homeworld for the larger galaxy, have been pushing to get this constellation recognized as a galactic wonder irreversibly associated with the Jawa race. As a part of this, Jawa Offworld Enterprises announced their intentions to identify the best locations in the galaxy for viewing this constellation and nebula, and are hoping to publish their results in the future, hopefully with the assistance of the galaxy at large. Jawa Offworld Enterprises would like to add that regardless of your reason for exploration, they can offer the finest cartography services in the galaxy for low prices, getting you the maps you need to search a sector effectively.

Jawa Offworld Enterprises banner

Finally, Jawa Offworld Enterprises would like to thank everyone who has supported the Ines Astyne Grant to fund higher Jawa education. JOE is looking into ways to put the generous donations to the best possible uses. One of the ways this is being done is by establishing Jawacentric academies focused on the unique challenges of teaching Jawas in order to prepare them for business in the galaxy at large or back on their homeworld. Anyone wishing to contribute to the grant or the teaching efforts may do so by contacting JOE directly.