Contra Felicem Vix Deus Vires Habet

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Posted by: Elvira Falston - Faction: Galactic Empire
Date: Year 14 Day 241 Onboard the Super Star Destroyer Ancalagon in system Tanjay (-25, 87).

YLESIA, CHA RAABA (INB) - Executor Seele has returned unharmed to the Imperial Palace after being held captive on the planet Ylesia. Eidolon pirate Syn has released Executor Seele following a payment of ransom by interested civilian parties. The amount which remains undisclosed was generously provided by the Kraken Charitable Fund and the largely unknown organization represented only as Friends of the Executor. Members of the organizations sprung to action at the 11th hour to negotiate for the Executor's life after it was clear the Empire was not going to give in to Eidola's demands, which were significant. The Empire denies all rumours about an Imperial Super Star Destroyer being part of that ransom. According to representatives from the Imperial Navy, the Empire's complement of Super Star Destroyers in active service remains intact, and there has been no loss in materiel, sphere of influence, or battle-readiness. The decision to pay the ransom came only after negotiations broke down due to what involved parties generously described as Syn's "mercurial" nature.

Asked for comment about the charitable fund stepping in to pay Seele's ransom, Vizier Jarek Sankin of the Coalition for Diplomacy spoke of the immense value of the Executor as an individual. "While we were prepared to lose the Executor, it would have been a hard pill to swallow. Seele is not only a personal friend, but an extraordinary asset to the Empire," remarked the Vizier. "His wealth of experience alone makes him more valuable than a single Super Star Destroyer as was originally demanded, not to mention his notable administrative talents and diplomatic ties with various galactic luminaries. No, the real loss would have been the Executor, not a mere battleship, even if the ransom ultimately agreed upon by the private parties was prohibitive."

A team of the Empire's best doctors examined the Executor immediately following his release into Imperial hands. He did not appear to be in ill health, and there was no indication of any Anzati feeding by his captor. The pirate held Executor Seele captive after he arrived in Eidolon territory, at Syn's request, for what he believed to be a peaceful meeting. Upon returning to Imperial space, the Executor stated "...this experience has been an unsettling one, but pales in comparison to what people go through routinely in the lawless sectors of the galaxy. The New Order will get to those people eventually, and give them a life of prosperity that Imperial citizens enjoy in the Galactic Core and the Corporate sector." Executor Seele went on to reassure those suffering that ",,,[we] have not forgotten you." Addressing the concerned masses on the steps of the Imperial Palace, Lord Seele expressed his gratitude to the Kraken Charitable Fund and Friends of the Executor, promising that the Empire would find some way to repay their assistance in full.

GNS seele 01.jpg

Emperor Ndengin was notably absent from the proceedings surrounding the Executor's return and no official communiques have been forthcoming from the Imperial Palace, confirming speculations among the Imperial Palace watchers of the Emperor's disappointment in the Executor. Declining further comment, an unidentified Palatial aide intimated that the Executor was summarily summoned to the Emperor's private offices upon returning to the Imperial Seat, indicative of a breach of established protocol, further signifying the Emperor's deep displeasure with the turn of events.

The galactic economy suffered a sharp downturn as news of the Executor's capture hit the financial district, resulting in a startling loss of 2.1% growth overnight according to select economic forums. Despite misgivings about the undisclosed ransom, the safe arrival of the Executor at Coruscant did much to bolster flagging spirits, halting the economic decline. Veteran stock market trader Jornix Schermerhorn stated: "It's good to have the Executor back at work where he belongs; the repercussions could have been much worse. Still, I wouldn't want to incur the Emperor's displeasure the way he has."

With the return of the Executor to the Imperial Palace, it appears that the Imperial government will once again concentrate on affairs of galactic importance, including opening discussion amongst the members of the Imperial Union regarding growing concerns over piracy in Outer Rim. The Empire and its allies will also look for solutions to bolster the Tresario Star Kingdom's already impressive military power in its efforts to stabilize the Outer Rim, particularly in Hutt Space, where many systems continue to be denied the rule of law by Eidolon pirates and other warlords.