CorSec Thwarts Second Murder

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Posted by Kevin Chambers on Year 5 Day 337

Onboard the Carrack/I-class Light Cruiser CSF Daemonifuge in system Corellia.

A pretty young woman sits behind a news desk for the nightly news.

This is Angela reporting from Corellia, where we were on hand earlier for a press conference held by CorSec.

Angela looks to the side and signals for the operator to roll the tape. The CorSec Symbol appears onscreen during the transition.

An Arcona, in a well-pressed CorSec uniform, easily recognised as High Marshall Kevin Chambers, stands at a podium. On the podium is the Seal of Corellia. Behind him, are two flags, side by side, one of them is the emblem of the Galactic Empire, the second, is the emblem of the Corellian Security Force (CorSec)

It is regretful, that on the black day of Corellia, when our Moff Victor von Ismay was killed, that he was not the only target. His XO, Logdo Reval was also betrayed, and held hostage in a ship, awaiting the arrival of his executioner(s)

At 0932 on that day, CorSec dispatch recieved a call for help from somewhere in the Duros atmosphere. It was Mr. Reval himself, who used his personal comlink. Seconds later, CorSec officers were dispatched to the scene, including Flasks Squadron, and its command ship, CSF Inviligo.

Officers from TAC division were requested on the scene to facilitate in the rescue of the hostage. One of them, performing an emergency hyperjump abort in the middle of the sector to expedite his arrival. By the time TAC was on the Scene, the Fleet division had already located Mr. Reval's ship, and had set a perimeter.

Not long after, Mr. Reval was brought on board the CSF Inviligo, where he received minor medical treatment and care.

Mr. Reval would like to personally thank the Officers who saved his life, and I would also like to extend my congratulations on a well accomplished mission.

I would like to take this time now, to remind citizens and law abiding visitors to the Corellian Sector, that CorSec is the official police force of the sector, and that if you are in trouble or in need of assistance, to contact CorSec dispatch at frequency and officers will be dispatched to your location immediately.

Chambers pauses for a moment to shuffle his speech.

One further announcement, CorSec will be receiving the honour of transporting and escorting Moff Ismay's body to Coruscant for burial. We will deeply mourn his death, and warn all pirates and terrorists, that this will not go un-punished.

That is all. Thank you.

The CorSec symbol appears again for a few seconds and then it switches back to Angela in the studio.

And now onto other news