Corellian Sand Panther

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Corellian Sand Panther.png
Corellian Sand Panther
Biographical Information
Homeworld Corellia
Size Large
Class Solitary
Species Mammalian
Rarity 0
Party Slot Size 3.00
Strength 2
Dexterity 3
Speed 1
Dodge 1
Perception 2
Stealth 2
Damage Type Physical
Maximum Hits 4
Minimum Damage 30
Maximum Damage 45
Minimum Range 0
Maximum Range 2
Spawn Terrain Desert.gif Grassland.gif
Terrain Restrictions Volcanic.gif
Base HP 550


Corellian Sand Panthers were large, predatory felines native to Corellia. They had venomous claws used to weaken their prey, the venom of which was odorless and tasteless. Though illegal, sand panthers were often hunted by poachers for their prized fur and poisonous venom. Their hide was used to make leather for fine clothing and purses which fetched a very high price due to its rarity.

Sand panthers lived primarily in desert environments, but could sometimes be found in more temperate zones as well. Their coats were a light yellow or tan to help them blend into their arid surroundings, although the rare albino or silver-furred panther had been known to exist. They were solitary hunters, but were occasionally seen hunting in small family units. The sand panther was one of the galaxy's quietest hunters, able to approach within centimeters of prey without drawing attention.

Although the creatures were not nocturnal they were very rarely seen amongst Corellians and were virtually impossible to tame.[1]


Corellian Sand Panther Claw.png Corellian Sand Panther Claw