Corellian Transport Services

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Corellian Transport Services
Corellian Transport Services Logo Year 12.gif
General Information
Status Active
Leader Luuda Kusaak
2IC Han Cold
Owner New Republic
Historical Information
Founded Year 6 Day 19 (see: Blue Sabre Transportation)
Political Information
Affiliation New Republic
Industry Transportation Provider
Holosite Corellian Transport Services

Corellian Transport Services is a transportation company affiliated with the New Republic. Many years ago, the company was founded by Sterik Hasger and Nemesi Nemsien. Both individuals were former members of Blue Sabre Transportation which was destroyed by the Dark Empire circa Year 3. Hasger and Nemsien later formed the short-lived Baldoran Alliance before starting the Corellian Transport Services in Year 6.


Corellian Transport Services is an organisation that helps all people who have been hurt in any way by the Empire. Since the introduction of the New Republic, there is a safe haven for all peoples of the Galaxy who cherish democracy, freedom of speech, tolerance and other values. However, many systems remain under the occupation of the Imperial Remnant and the inhabitants are often oppressed. These are the ones we seek to aid in their struggle. The group specializes in helping all in need of rescue from the Imperial oppression. Corellian Transport Services provides shelter, transportation and a first step for anyone who wishes to join and fight for a better world, a world of freedom, justice and equality. We will not hesitate to go under fire, run a blockade, or engage in a fight in order to rescue an individual in need. For freedom and for the New Republic!

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