Corporate Alliance Investment Club is now open

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Posted by Horley Cyan on Year 5 Day 318

Onboard the YT-2000 The Cyan Spear at galactic position (61, 147).

Your hear a beeping coming from your holocomm with the news of a new message waiting for your acknowledgement.

After pulling it out of your pocket you see that the message is From Horley Cyan of Corporate Alliance. You hit the button and the screen fades up to show Horley Cyan sitting in his office aboard his personal ship.

"Hello everyone. I told you the last time that soon you would be hearing from me again, and today is that day. Today starts the beginning of the Corporate Alliance investment club.

All you have to do if you are interested in this great opportunity is send me your deposit and you will be entered into the investment club.

Over the next three months those investments are surely to rise and all profits, minus my service fee will be returned to each and everyone of you.

I have done this before but on a much smaller scale, so i know that it works, but so you are fully aware as with any investment opportunity there is always a risk. I am pleased to state that with me at the head of this, I will take every procaution possible to make that risk as small as possible.

If you wish to view the details of this investment club, then feel free to visit our holosite at:

and just click on the loans/investment indicator.

If you have already read through the website and just want to invest then by all means just send your investment to Horley Cyan along with a message stating that the credits are for your investment.

Other than that, I will be keeping this opportunity open for about 2 weeks. As of the first of the next month I will close the investment fund and no other investors will be accepted.

I thank you for your time, and may all your days be prosperous"

Horley Cyan nods slightly and the screen fades into the Corporate Alliance logo and then within seconds fades to black.