Coruscant Bombing

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Posted by Samus Augill on Year 5 Day 134

Onboard the Sentinel Shuttle X-93 Fawkes at galactic position (312, 170).

At 02:21 galactic standard hours a plasma bomb was set off in a forward staging area for the upcoming gala event celebrating the one year anniversary of the latest Emperor's ascension to power. Eighty six humans and twelve aliens were killed with hundreds more injured. It is not known how this event will yet affect the festivities, but moods are desperate here today.

Investigators on scene have discovered that the bomb itself was smuggled in with a supply of emergency bacta. Ironically it is that same life giving liquid that was the trigger for the bomb mechanism. Tracing the load of bacta back to its arrival point, investigators discovered the dead remains of several stormtroopers and cargo loaders. In a yet unreleased holo vid, one stormtrooper had been decapitated and his head replaced by a mangled droid's. A source close to this reporter states that the droid head issued a message for the Emperor, claiming that this was the work of the infamous Brotherhood of the Sand. The figurehead of the group, still only identifying himself as the Zorn then went on to issue threats and statements of continued violence. That no Imperial citizen or ally was safe. Any who lay in the bed of the Emperor shall be targeted.

No official word has come from the Imperial Palace at this time to confirm or deny rumors that the celebration is off or that any of the Brotherhood have been caught. It does seem though that the Brotherhood are no longer content to keep their battle contained to the backwater planet of Tatooine.

K'net Brackmann reporting.