Dac Kain, The Damned, New Imperial Order Implicated in Illegal Kidnapping Attempt

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Dac Kain, The Damned, New Imperial Order Implicated in Illegal Kidnapping Attempt
Hacked by: Syn - Organization: Bothan Media Services
Date: Year 10 Day 33 Location Unknown

KOTHLIS--Bothan Media Services recently received multiple eyewitness and secondhand reports of suspicious activity in the Kothlis system. What was slated to proceed as an ordinary commerce transaction in safe space quickly escalated to a kidnapping, intended murder under the local government's jurisdiction, and a daring escape.

Angela Skorzeka, an employee of the private security company known as The Damned who recently made news in the trading community after acquiring quantities of Imperial and Mandalorian armor, was engaged in just such a transaction with Neo-Mandalorian Kai Oryk. The two parties met aboard the L-500 belonging to novice middleman and item producer, Dac Kain, who had been briefed about the situation over the course of the previous week. He would retain ownership and piloting codes of the L-500 and of Oryk's docked personal freighter while the trade progressed.

But rather than add Skorzeka to the freighter's crew manifest as he had been explicitly asked, he inexplicably transferred piloting codes to her instead. Having spotted the Mandalorian chestplate and quality weaponry the Mandalorian sported once he had boarded the L-500, Skorzeka assaulted Oryk, acting upon a warrant The Damned had supplied with the New Imperial Order's permission. The Mandalorian fought her off, but the actions of Dac Kain allowed the Damned agent to undock the freighter from the capital ship Oryk had boarded to retrieve his purchased items, stranding him in the docking bay of Kain's ship.

Skorzeka, also having been granted control of Kain's L-500, then set course across the system, kidnapping her buyer while Kain stood idly by. Requests for his assistance in freeing the captive Kain's interference had resulted in received responses of stalling and lies about the passcodes to the heavy blast doors on board his own ship. Dodging Skorzeka's continued attempts at assault on board Kain's ship, Oryk sent out a distress signal to a few companions--among them Syn, renowned reputable middleman.

"I contacted Dac Kain to inform him that I had received a sum of 50 million credits as collateral from Kai Oryk in exchange for the ownership codes of the capital ship being temporarily transferred," Syn explained to the news service, alluding to the ability of the legitimate owner of a vessel to bypass security codes on the vessel's blast doors that stood between Oryk and his freedom. "After some stalling, he refused without explanation. He did not seem to feel responsible for his own actions that had led to the transformation of the item exchange into a kidnapping."

Despite Kain's seemingly flawless trading reputation, he is at present installed as CEO of Mecrosa, an item producer owner by The Damned itself. This has led to rumors that he may have been set up as a middleman by the security group, known for its shady dealings, in order to aid them in kidnapping notable consumers. This is reminiscent of the Horley Cyan scandal several years ago, in which the corrupt middleman allowed a close friend to steal from the other party for which he was middling.

When alerted to the actions of The Damned under its jurisdiction, the New Imperial Order declined to comment, and the government refused to revoke the permission granted to the security company to draft its own warrants. Yet formal charges were never filed against Kai Oryk, and intercepted transmissions by Oryk's associates within Kothlis revealed that Skorzeka had been in contact with Mandalore, a government harboring a grudge against the Neo-Mandalorian, attempting to trade Oryk's life for a few crates of items. As such a response is not outlined within New Imperial legal proceedings, this was assumed to be a private action to which the local government had turned a blind eye. Yet a subsequent transmission revealed that Skorzeka had also been in contact with Seele, head of New Imperial Intelligence, who was enroute to personally assist in the unlawful capture of the private citizen who had not been charged with any crime and was present within New Imperial space to conduct legitimate business.

Armed with two unknown projectile weapons and a lockbreaker, Oryk spent the duration of his illegal detainment fighting Skorzeka off and methodically hacking his way through the blast doors of the L-500 towards the entry airlock, where two unidentified freighters awaited him and ferried him to safety.

Caution is urged for consumers and private citizens alike when dealing with Angela Skorzeka, Dac Kain, and their associated companies, particularly for physical exchanges of goods taking place within New Imperial space.