Damon Phet

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Damon Phet
Biographical Information
Race Corellian
Homeworld Corellia
Mother Amida Phet
Father Maxir Phet
Siblings Kiera Phet, Anson Phet
Children None
Born Year -10 Day -111 (age 25)
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.87 meters
Political Information
Affiliation New Republic, Avance Coalition
Title Director of New Republic Intelligence
Rank Director


Early Life

Damon was born in the city Dearic on Talus on Year -10 Day -111 in the Corellian system to a family of archaeologists. Damon was the first of three children. Anson Phet was born five years after Damon on an expedition on Naboo. Kiera Phet was born a year after Anson while in hyperspace on the way back to Corellia. Damon’s parents were Xenobiologists who studied the suspicious disappearances of ancient civilizations throughout the galaxy. Damon would frequently travel with his parents on these excursions. Because of this, Damon has an aptitude for new languages and adapting to fit into a new environment.

Young Damon Phet

Since traveling into dangerous locations was commonplace in his childhood, Damon learned how to handle a blaster along with other weapons at a very young age. His parents soon learned that he had an affinity in combat and feared that the Galactic Empire may try to force him into the military.

While conducting research on a distant planet Damon’s parents found an ancient Sith ruin. After some debate, his parents decided to continue their search. They weren't aware that the Empire had taken an interest in their find and had sent a detachment of Storm Troopers led by a Sith Lord. Damon’s parents died at the hands of the Sith Lord after being tortured for two days. They were killed along with all of their assistants for being Rebel sympathizers. Damon survived the encounter because he was sent to scout another region of the planet for similar ruins with a small group of archaeologists as well as Krystah Pavish, the daughter of his parent’s closest friends. Upon their arrival at the main dig site, Damon and Krystah found the bodies of their loved ones except for Damon’s siblings. Damon and Krystah soon set off to find his siblings and bring justice to those who killed everyone they cared about.

Damon continued his life after the death of his parents wandering the galaxy with Krystah looking for the Sith Lord responsible for his families death. Damon met many people although he never trusted anyone like he trusts Krystah.

Much of Damon’s history prior to joining the New Republic is a mystery. Entire years are missing from his record and other years are simply blank. The only history that is known of him is that he’s been spotted at countless starports throughout the galaxy, mostly in Empire space. Some refer to him as “Ghost” because you can never be entirely sure if you really saw him.

New Republic History

Damon joined the New Republic some time ago and has served in the military since joining. Damon joined various other groups within the New Republic in order to learn more about the Government and contribute more to the cause.

After only a couple months, Damon was approached by Wedge Achilles about joining the New Republic Academy as a recruiter. Damon began assisting with recruitment efforts where he began moving up the ranks. While working in the Academy, Damon joined the New Republic Diplomacy Command and began working on diplomatic endeavors. Damon eventually ascended to the rank of Secretary in the Diplomacy Command and Dean of Recruitment in the Academy.

While working on military matters, Damon was approached about a position within the New Republic Intelligence. Intrigued by the possibilities the position offered, Damon joined and found a field that he loved.

After some time working on Diplomatic matters, Damon found that he was unable to maintain the dedication to the position due to his other positions. Damon stepped away from the position in order to focus his attention on the Academy, military, and Intelligence.

Damon was promoted to the rank of Headmaster of the New Republic Academy where he began working on updating the recruitment efforts and training methods within the New Republic.

Running for the Chief of State election against Edmond Zaccone, Andrew Harris, and Lukastar Narvaka; Damon learned much about what he was capable of and where he belonged. With the election of Lukastar Narvaka, Damon was promoted to Deputy Director of New Republic Inteligence under Director Kara DuMonte. Kara led the Intelligence division and taught Damon many things until she was elected Chief of State following Lukastar Narvaka's term.

The election of Kara DuMonte left an opening in the Intelligence division which Damon filled under the appointment by Kara DuMonte.

Damon has had many good friends in the New Republic and a few stand above the rest. Ankha Natanaele joined the New Republic around the same time Damon did. From the moment that Damon met Ankha he knew that they would be friends for some time. They worked together in the Academy, Republic Diplomacy Command, and the military. The loss of Ankha hit Damon hard as one of the people he trusted most was gone, much like his family had been taken from him.

Another close friend of Damon's was Kayllin Laws. Kayllin served with Damon in many facets of the New Republic and quickly became on of Damon's best friends. Damon came to respect Kayllin and go to him for many things pertaining to his professional and personal life. Damon was hit rather hard when Kayllin was captured by the deceitful Sebastian von Nex who had been a member of the New Republic military. Damon was immediately notified by Kayllin about the betrayal of von Nex and Damon did all that he could to help save Kayllin.

Damon was unable to save Kayllin and this is something that haunts Damon to this day. Word came through that Kayllin was taken to the Galactic Empire and tried for crimes against the Empire. If it weren't for the assistance from some of Damon's other friends, he would have gone after von Nex immediately and wouldn't have stopped until he brought the traitor to justice.


Secretary - New Republic Diplomacy Command (Retired)

Captain - New Republic Navy

Headmaster - New Republic Academy

Director - New Republic Intelligence


Outstanding Recruitment

Republic Readiness

Academic Excellency

Republic Service Medal

Republic Achievement Medal


Damon is a 6'2" Corellian. Normally attired in dark clothing including jeans, a utility belt, a t-shirt, a battle vest, and a cloak. He exudes confidence, strength, mystery, grace, and danger. If someone approaches Damon they will find that he is a very kind and easygoing person. He is the first person to go out of his way to assist someone in trouble or need. Damon has a very strong sense of justice. Honor and respect are two of Damon's preferred traits in anyone he gets close to. Once broken, trust is never fully regained when it comes to Damon. Krystah is the only one who hasn't broken his trust in his life.