Darex Lysscol

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Darex Lysscol
Biographical Information
Race Corellian
Homeworld Tralus
Mother Jennifer Lysscol (Yuri)
Father Darius Lysscol
Siblings Yael (sister), Damarcus (brother)
Born Y-3 D170
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 180 centimeters
Hair Color brown
Eye Color brown
Political Information
Affiliation Galactic Empire
Rank Recruit

Darex Lysscol is a recruit in the Imperial Military. He is currently finishing his courses.

Early years

Darex Lysscol was born on Tralus on Y-1 D170 in the house of his parents Darius Lysscol and Jennifer Lysscol, maiden name Yuri. The rest of his family consisted out of an older sister named Yael and a younger brother named Damarcus. He grew up in fair circumstances. His family was not poor but also not rich. When he was gaining education he was helping his mother with chores around the house.

His father was hardly around as he was an officer in the Imperial Navy. Of the times he did see his father their relationship felt cold. Perhaps it was the lack of upkeep expected of an officer with the Imperial Navy.

Imperial Service

Imperial Youth Corps

At the age of 16 he joined the Sub-Adult Group in the hopes of finding his father whose contact had not been heard of since 15Y. The protocols didn’t interest him much as he was only focused on one thing. As time progressed he grew found of the traditions within the military. He felt he was part of a large force send out to ensure the correct teaching and life lessons were spread.

Starting at the academy

On his 18th birthday Darex started at the Imperial Academy stepping into his fathers footsteps as his search continued. But it had taken a backseat he was now drawn to ensuring Imperial dominance was not threatened.