Dark Jedi admitted to Santage Psychological Institute

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Posted by Thraken Solo on Year 5 Day 272

Location Unknown

This is a latebreaking story from the galactic news service reporting on the status of one Thraken Solo, former sith of the order and leader of the mysterious Order of Krath. Recently the noghri was on a scouting mission in the unknown regions searching for an ancient relic said to be powerful in the force when an unknown entity rippled through his ship. This entity's intentions were unknown, and no further reports of said entity have been submitted to this agency.

The sensor logs from the Ephel Duath were wiped by the intrusion, leaving only sketchy records of the incident. When the ship limped into a farspace port near Tatooine, it was met by a fleet from the Order who had not heard from their leader in some time. When they boarded the ship they found the entire crew missing save their leader, who was showing severe dissociative fugue. When asked about what happened, he shook his head, almost completely unaware of the time he was gone. He also showed severe Ochlophobia when confronted. His other conditions include homophobia, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and a severe case of what specialists have described as "pathophysiological shingles."

Unable to think of any alternatives, the order inquired into the Santage psychological institute for treatment, and Mister Solo was admitted the next day. The Order was taken over by the nominal second in command, who's intentions with the group are as of yet unknown. The Santage institute was designed by the late Keir Santage, who's intentions were to provide relief for his victims. When Santage passed away the institutes ownership shifted to his daughter, Teniel, while she was only a small girl.

After her inheritance the institute remained on active admissions status, often admitting the 'who's who' of the galaxy on a variety of conditions including one person going by the code name "Ranma" who was put in for Transvestic Fetishism.

Mister Solo was released from intensive observation today, but stated that he would not request control of the Order again citing an inability to effectivly lead the group due to his ongoing conditions. We've heard from third-person sources that the aging ex-sith may be considering retirement, but nothing formal has been announced from the Solo party.