Darkness (ship)

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Tabder-class Heavy Hauler
ClassHeavy Freighter
AffiliationAlex Tylger
Navigational Stats:
Sublight Speed20 MGLT
Turbo Lasers40
Tractor Beams10
Proton-Torpedo Launchers15
Ion Batteries20
Heavy Lasers70
Cargo Stats:
Weight8,000,000 T
Volume140,000,000 m³
Weight Cap1,000,000 T
Volume Cap18,500,000 m³
Max Passengers2,500
Hull Stats:
Length1,800 m
Deflector Shields10,000
Ionic Capacity2,250

The Darkness is a modified Tabder-class Heavy Hauler owned by Alexander Tylger. Ordered and constructed in late Year 2, the vessel was commissioned in Year 3 as the science vessel Prometheus, and was the first ship of its class to be produced. Shortly after its completion, it was modified by the Black Star Corporation owned by House Ismay, and renamed Darkness. In Year 3, the ship temporarily served as the flagship of the Hapes Consortium's naval forces during the Black Sun Crisis. As Tylger commanded the Hapan fleet tasked with overseeing the military operations in the Lorell system, the presence of the Darkness was meant to deter Black Sun from retaliating against the Hapans, with the intent that the ship could go head-to-head with the Darkstar Battleship if necessary. As the Hapans' most powerful vessel at the time was the aging Nova-class Battle Cruiser, the firepower of theDarkness also contributed to bringing the military operation to a more rapid conclusion.

After the events of the Black Sun Crisis, the Darkness served as inspiration for the armaments and specifications of the Battle Dragon, and was also tasked with protecting the research and development stations where the new ships were designed in late Year 3 and early Year 4. With the completion of the Battle Dragon design and also the launching of the Pulsar Battle Cruiser, the Darkness faded in to relative obscurity. In late Year 4, the vessel was utilized to bring the recovered wreckage of the Supremacy-class Attack Ship from X-110 to Lorell for reconstruction. After that, the ship was eventually reassigned to cargo duty during the development of the Consortium's first ecumenopolis.

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