Darren Zero

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Darren Zero
Darren Zero.png
Biographical Information
Race Alderaanian
Homeworld Alderaan
Mother Victoria Zero
Father Samuel Zero
Spouse None
Children None
Born Year -12 Day 162
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 6' 0"
Coloring Tan
Eye Color Blue
Political Information
Affiliation New Republic
Rank Ensign
Positions N/A

Darren Zero is a Alderaanian male from the planet Alderaan he is currently a Ensign in the New Republic Navy.


Zero Family Crest.

Darren Zero is part of House Zero, their House can be traced back to the original colonists of Alderaan.


== New Republic -- Darren Zero joined NR and the NRA on Year 15 Day 207 then graduated the New Republic Academy on Year 15 Day 216.