Darvok Arkand

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A tall and stocky Falleen with a very long black knot with streaks of white hair. His eyes are passionnate and filled with fire and rage. His stance is determined and very intimidating. Time and endless wars took its toll on him and deep scars can be seen on his neck, back and arms.


Service Record

  • XO of RA Conquest Fleet under Admiral Davyyk Lysander
  • CO of Recon Fleet and then Orion Fleet
  • Admiral and XO of Rebel Alliance Navy under High Admiral Bisz Aldaris, and commander of the Home One cruiser
  • Awarded Distinguished Service Medal by the RA
  • Part of the Alliance training team
  • Producer of Rebel TV
  • Advisor to Alliance High Command
  • Now retired from Alliance service.


Born before the Great Plight, not much is known about Arkand's past. He emerged from the ashes of the Imperial fires as the sole survivor of his clan, although he never revealed his exact ancestry.

As a young and ambitious Falleen filled with rage and vengeance, he was blinded by his hatred for the Imperial hand and waged a personal war against the Empire. He joined the resistance that organized on Falleen but had trouble following orders. He was finally captured and tortured for many month, but the Rebellion finally freed him from his shackles.

Forever changed by these events, he left his homeworld and plotted his revenge as a full fledged member of the Rebel Alliance. As a new recruit, he very slowly rose the ranks, as his brash manners and uncontrollable behavior came as an obstacle more than once.

However, his skills, leadership and passion stood out and played a great part in his carreer in the Navy. After a rough start, his superiors saw the rough gem he was and then he quickly rose as a commander in the Conquest fleet under Lysander and then became his XO.

After a while, he earned the command of the Recon Fleet of the Alliance.

His career was set, and his reputation and prestige spreaded all over, but some dark days loomed and his old lineage came rushing back to haunt him.

With no warning, he disappeared completely. The Alliance looked for him to no avail. Not much is known about his exodus, but about three months later he was picked up by a Rebel Fleet in a stolen Imperial Shuttle, fleeing with very important cargo.

Rumors say that he captured a high ranking imperial officer, or that he rescued some important political prisoners. Some are even saying that he found his long lost brother, but there is no substance to those rumors, as the events were quickly classified.

Despite his disappearance, he quickly rose back in the ranks and became CO of Orion Fleet and finally Admiral and XO of the Navy under High Admiral Bisz and served his duty on the Home One cruiser.

He also supported and helped in the restructuration of the Rebel Alliance and the grand elections that changed the face of the Alliance. He also became producer of the Rebel TV and took office as a Government official for a short while.

He decided to retire from active duty as he was so obsessed by his past that he was never satisfied unless he was fighting the Empire any way he could and he became tired of all the political games.

After his retirement, he was awarded a Distinguished Service Medal, along with five other long standing officers of the Alliance.

However, to the surprise of everyone, he vanished without a trace for many years now, leaving the Alliance and everyone behind. No one has seen him since Year 4.

When the New Republic was established on Adbatar, they built a city in his honor: Old Arkand City.

He is believed to be dead, but some have sighted Arkand roaming alone throughtout the galaxy, looking for something or someone...