Daylight execution of an New Anzat Order officer

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Posted by Malakai Brooks on Year 5 Day 343

Onboard the YT-510 La Garce in system Anzat.

Tokmir- A voice transmission from Malakai Brooks....

The weak, crumbling New Anzat Order has just been proven foolish and unable protect its own members, on its own planets. Self declared Princess Gabby is proving to be nothing but a weak and brittle marionette puppet. Her master Vodo is an old delusional rapist, underserving the throne he sits upon.

It is clear the Empires wind bag was full of hot air. I stand here before everyone, in very the system they banned me from. What are you going to do about it?

How effective was their banning me from their space? Their failure and inability to act is evidence there is no such thing as order in the Imperial remnant.

I just executed a former member of the NAO officers. His body, lifeless lay at my feet.

Mongoose Jones