Deep Core Security Zone

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Deep Core Security Zone
General information
RegionDeep Core
Controlled ByGalactic Empire
Astrographic EntryDeep Core Security Zone

The Deep Core Security Zone is a sector in the center of the galaxy, and one of three sectors that made up the Deep Core.


The Deep Core Security Zone has been the location of heightened Imperial military activity ever since it's induction into the Galactic Empire. As of early Year 13, Bill Maxwell was appointed as Moff, or sector governor, of the region.

Notable Systems

System Position Planets Population Controller
Besqek (-50, -10) 9 21,760,808,454 Galactic Empire
Odik (-60, 33) 6 2,867,980 Galactic Empire
  • Accurate as of Year 15 Day 263

Notable Planets

Byss, home of the Abyssin, is located in the southern end of the sector.