Defamation of Character Suit

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Posted by Jeric Sensar on Year 0 Day 0

Defamation of Character Suit

We here at GNS have obtained a copy of the document released from Jeric "DruG" Sensar and his family, notable among them his highly esteemed brother, Jakob Sensar.

It is with the utmost regret that we take this most personal issue to such a broad audience. We as the Sensar family tend to keep to our noble world of Alderaan or travel amongst our vast trade fleets. Occasionally, when the need is dire, do we come to the aid of those who need it most. In this case, it is the family itself that appears to be in need of a helping hand. The honor of the Sensar brothers has come under fire by a hatemongering ninny. From psychological analysis of all past media presentations of his, as well as the records of his so called company have shown that he will periodically pick an individual, or individuals as is the case, and attempt to tear them down in order to make him feel better about his lack of hair. Yes, as absurd as it may seem, he thinks that tearing apart the honor that someone holds will make him look any less bald.

With that being said, the Sensar Family is suing Mr. Uther Von Kaldreon and his Blue Sabre Transport for the following:

I. Defamation of character

II. Fraud

III. A poor attempt at trying to deny the Sensar Family Trading Consortium of credits. (Just because a single member of our family is worth more than your company, doesn't mean you can try to change that illegally.)

In summary:

The sum of 5 million Imperial credits per member of the Sensar Family (4) is required to settle said suit. The deposit may be made under the names Jeric Sensar or Jakob Sensar. Furthermore, Mr. Uther Von Kaldreon is asked to spell not only the names of my brother and I correctly, but to take a grammar class at the Imperial Institute for Adults.