Delusions of Grandeur

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Posted by Lanxek Delsarr-Antaria on Year 0 Day 0

Onboard the YT-510 A.Y.M.F.A.G.P in system Lorell.

After a recent spate of dealing in ships of a questionable origin, certain members of Black Sun, like the Tenloss Syndicate have also shown their ineptness and complete lack of awareness of field operations. Researchers have linked with the information on recent leaked reports detailing several severe cases of cranial rectal inversion within the Black Sun hierarchy.

After gloating that they had Antarian Rangers captured and various actions they were intending to take, [All of which equated to murder] once again showed the true face of this organization and it's members in particular its mouthpiece in this matter the Soiled Angel Tara Tylger.

But more to the point imagine the surprise on her face while as she gloated and was running her mouth on what would be done with the captured Rangers, the two people in question walked off of their landing pad from their ships and back into the Rangers HQ for a quick respite before returning to patrols. While she left in a seeming state of high anxiety due to another failure to deliver on a threat.

We will leave the details of our members escape private to save the organization in question any further embarrassment. Due to the fact that we are law abiding people the ships they were supposedly captured upon have been left in their current positions, open and unmanned as we would condone any type of theft even in the name of escape.

The Antarian Rangers will gladly take another group of fools and add your names with that of the Tenloss Syndicate to the list of people to whom justice will be served through superior firepower and extreme prejudice.

On an ancillary note we would also like to thank the Hapan Council for their brilliant strategic feint of non interference and related apathy in regards to the rescue operations of the two Hapan citizens involved in this event.