Details slowly emerge about Mandalore chief killed by Eidola piratess

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Details slowly emerge about Mandalore chief killed by Eidola piratess (Hacked by Teniel Djo on Year 12 Day 93)

Details emerged today surrounding Era'ut, the Nikto pirate who captured and killed Mandalore military chief Vong Ginaal.

Sources close to the Eidola pirates suggest that the militant group have been funding a Hutt Expansionist War in the Eastern Rim - and it was during a skirmish on the Mandalore planet of Nal Batta that Imperial Chairman Vong Ginaal was captured and killed.

Early media reports displayed confusion over how the Second in Command of Mandalore could have been captured on the surface of a planet which his group still controlled - muchless by such an inexperienced pirate.


Era'ut, a Kajain'sa'Nikto, never left her family's complex on Kintan until earlier this year when she first entered the galaxy and immediately sought the camaraderie of the Eidola Pirates who oversaw her planet's well-being.

Era'ut was one of two pirates assigned to go behind-enemy-lines and set up small cities comprised solely of Slave Markets on the Mandalore garrison planet of Nal Batta. Mandalore dispatched military teams led by Imperial Cairman Vong Ginaal to try and capture Era'ut as she wandered around the surface of their planet.

However, in a grave miscalculation that would cost his life, Vong approached too closely to Era'ut in his rush to apprehend her, only to find that she had somehow managed to turn the tables, unexpectedly gaining the upper hand and managing to capture him first. Taking her newly-won prize away from those who attempted to cheat the vagrancies of fate, she landed on the surface of a distant asteroid and duly executed him, seizing upon his Mandalorian armour. In her only public statement to the press thusfar, Era'ut is said to have giggled, noting "Eidola now controls Taris, and owns more suits of Mandalorian armour than Mandalore...perhaps it's time for them to finally surrender all pretense of being anything more than wannabe-toughguys..."

The death of Mandalore's only competent member has been a sore blow to the beleagured security group struggling to stay alive following repeated scandals and public failures. The former leader of the Mandalore, Tyr DeMeer, has reportedly become even more of a recluse hiding aboard his personal ship in deep space far from the eyes of even his own comrades-in-arms, trusting nobody.

And after unwisely trying to do battle with a group that has murdered Imperial Moffs, robbed the Viceroy of the Trade Federation and forced both the nationalised Imperial weapons manufacturer and medical provider into bankruptcy - one wonders if perhaps the lackey of the now disgraced former Emperor Vodo Bonias has finally learned his lesson. Do not venture into the Outer Rim, for here there be pirates.

Onboard the YV-666 Gráinne Ní Mháille in system Athega (160, 150).