Devastating Imperial attack cripples vessel

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Posted by Thraken Solo on Year 5 Day 295

Location Unknown

This breaking news story is brought to us live from Coruscant, where a visibly shaken Thraken Solo gives us his account of the attack let loose upon his modest vessel when he entered the Coruscant system.

"As I entered orbit of the planet, a ping reverbrated across my ship. Once, twice, five times it hammered my vessel. Opening a channel, I received a message from one Grand Moff Kirov Quel-Droma, who thought I recognized his ship, as though it was different from any other. Upon second thought, though, he was correct. His was one of the only imperial ships with life signs in the system." Stopping for a second to take a sip of water, the noghri continued, "He said they were watching for me and I was supposed to turn myself in, it was all very confusing. I asked why they didn't just apprehend me then and there, if that was what they were after. Then he went into some rant about a knights mercy if I gave in or something, so I closed the channel. Then the onslaught began."

We at the GNS were lucky enough to get a photo and a clip of the radio waves as the attack commenced.


"Sir, incoming fire, should we---Pppppiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnggggggg, sir direct hit off of our starboard bow!"

"Lock on all scanners and fire, evasive maneuvers!"

"No effect sir, they're returning fire! Ppppiiiinnnnnnngggggg ppppooonnnnnngggggg, we're being pulled apart!"

"Rotate on our longitudinal axis, bring fresh scanners to bear and fire"

"Sir, scanners overheating!"

"Replace the telephoto lenses. Do it, do it now! Ppppppooonnnnnngggggggggg"


That was all we could record before the attack disabled our radio's, needless to say it was very violent. We at the GNS advise caution when traveling in Imperial Space. Their coma wards have a high mortality rate and they will scan you mercilessly on sight.

This is Tycoma Wyatts for the GNS, have a lovely day.