Dhuri Kurnhn

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Dhuri Kurnhn
SW DHURI P 02.png
Biographical Information
Race Corellian
Homeworld Corellia
Born Unknown
Languages Galactic Basic · Olys Corellisi
Physical Description
Gender Male
Political Information
Affiliation CorSec
Title Head of Sentient Resources
Rank HC4
Signature SWC Dhuri Sign.png

Dhuri Khurnhn is a Corellian male who serves attached to Corellian Security Force.



Dhuri is the inheritor of a legacy of generations of pilots and smugglers, travelling from star to star across the galaxy. The Corellians have always placed a high value on travel and ship research, being one of several species with competing claims to be the inventors of the hyperdrive in the distant past. Dhuri has long enjoyed travelling to dangerous systems and all he wanted out of life was to sit behind the stick of a freighter.

For years, Dhuri made his living as a cargo pilot, transporting a vast list of exotic products and weapons. In that time he became extremely adept at passing unseen to delivery cargo in hostile systems. In some ways it was the most peaceful weeks of Dhuri's life. In other ways, he was getting shot at by pirates and rebels and having to do risky landings in remote, dangerous places.

The Long Arm of the Law

"Ah, I've heard of you! You're not a bad pilot from what I understand. What can the CorSec do for you?"
— CorSec liaison to Dhuri Kurnhn

Dhuri joined the Corellian Security Force in Y17 D114 with distinction as a freighter pilot, and later, a commander. During the conquest of Xyquine, Dhuri was part of the planning staff, where his tactical skill helped the faction establish a new outpost in Xyquine III. With the planet relatively secure, Dhuri made his way to Gree, where his commander requested him report to flight test a Tabder-class Heavy Hauler. His success gained him his own ship, the YT-2400 light freighter Uhl Eharl and following the mission, Dhuri was steadily promoted within the rank structure of the CorSec. On Y15 D154, Dhuri was appointed Head of Sentient Resources of the CorSec. Grand Marshal Neria Derycke looked to the officer to be the recruitment liaison of Corellian ambition and extend CorSec's new horizons outside the Core Worlds. Recently, Dhuri has been flying in and out of New Plympto.

Personality and traits

Dhuri seems jaded and cynical at first, having seem much of the worst the galaxy had to offer at a young age. He is careful not to get too attached to anything or anyone. He is a professional officer and takes a serious approach to his work, focusing on results rather than any emotional considerations.

As a pilot, Dhuri is trained to fly both starfighters and space transports, and navigate them safely through hyperspace. He can also repair starfighters. In his role as a tactician and recruitment liaison, Dhuri understands the inner workings of the CorSec's bureaucracy, and he has knowledge about planetary systems. He is also thoroughly trained in capable of leading starfighter groups and he was well versed in starfighter tactics. As a officer, Dhuri has knowledge of various species, languages, and organizations and for his duties, Dhuri wear an Corellian Powersuit armour as well as his ID Card, a DLT-20a, binder cuffs and his datapad. Dhuri also have an T7 Series Astromech droid that would accompany him.