Diomedes Nacca

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Diomedes Nacca
Biographical Information
Race Arcona
Homeworld Cona
Languages Galactic Basic, Mando'a
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1,92 Meters
Eye Color Green
Political Information
Affiliation Mandalore

Diomedes was born in a Nest on the planet Cona. His family, the Naccas, had status in the Nest. That for being that his family had always led the security for the Nest since its existence, from generation to generation. Diomedes’ father led the Nest’s security force, trained Arconans in several arts of war, and knew well how to cope with Nest aggressors, keeping the salt dealers out of the Nest and in general keeping order in the large Nest. Diomedes looked up to his father since childhood and was happy about the thought he would once take over his father’s position as his father’s only son. At the age of 16 years, Diomedes had begun his training as Nest Constable.

Diomedes was banished from the Nest at the age of 22 after Diomedes’ father discovered the very people he worked for and respected, the family that led the Nest, dealt in salt and other illegal goods. He had discovered that the family that led the Nest was part of a large criminal syndicate operating in the Mayagil sector. Diomedes and his father, together with his father’s most loyal officers tried to arrest the family but were betrayed. The Naccas were portrayed by the leading family as people that tried to ruin the good name of their family so that they could take over the Nest. His family was murdered, but Diomedes managed to escape.

Diomedes fled to friends of the family that owned an Alazhi farm and stayed there for a while. He left with the feeling the farm was not the place for him and that Cona wasn’t the place for him either anymore. Diomedes traveled to the Cona Spaceport and stayed in a shanty hotel for several days until he met Tyr DeMeer.

Tyr DeMeer and some of his companions were staying close to the Cona Spaceport and visited Cona because they had just finished a mission nearby and needed to buy new supplies. In the time Tyr DeMeer and his companions stayed at Cona they were recruiting people for Mandalore. Diomedes knew this was his chance to get off Cona, explore the galaxy, and knew he would be comfortable familiar with the military and signed up for the Mandalorian Navy.

Diomedes felt he had found his new home in Mandalore and climbed up in the ranks very fast. He became the commanding officer of Mandalore’s 1st fleet, the fleet also got known as the Iron Hammers under his command. Sometime after Diomedes had achieved the rank of Captain he thought it was time for him to concentrate on something else than the Navy. Diomedes replaced his friend Director and Ambassador Sin Jade, who had stepped down from his position as leader of the Mandalore Corporation MandalMining because he had left for an uncertain period of time to the outer rims to think several things over in solitude.