Disgruntled Employee Steals

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Posted by Harth on Year 0 Day 0

Onboard the YT-1300 Harths Revenge in system Lorell

As you watch your holo program a special report breaks in

-=You see Markus Harth sitting at his desk with the holo cameras all around him=-

"Today as you know I have taken over Lorsec. However a Disgruntled employee Amon Khan had left over access cards. Before I could review the access levels, Amon Khan decided to steal over 3 Ywing squads of the Lorsec fleet. I hereby am issuing a bounty on Amon Khan for the price of 10 million credits. If he is brought down dead or alive in a timely fashion I will issue a bonus. Furthermore I recommend that no traders Trade with Amon Khan. That is all thank you."