Dishonour Among Thieves: An Insider Story

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Dishonour Among Thieves: An Insider Story (Posted by Asaryakatr on Year 13 Day 96) Veritas News Inc. -- Dreighton, Dantus Sector

"In this galaxy, not so very long ago..."

So reads the opening crawl of Durtan Formel's documentary, 'Dishonour Among Thieves: An Insider Story', presently sweeping theatres everywhere. This surprise star on the holo-picture scene, and until the past few weeks a relatively minor prospector, recently made galactic headlines with his critically acclaimed "luminous revelations of a very sordid sort," as phrased by Luha Mott, spokeswoman for the Galactic Holographic Picture Association.

In his holo-picture début, Mr. Formel narrates a lone sentient's personal voyage and descent into the bizarre underworld of this galaxy; fraternising with known criminals, in a quest to reveal in graphic detail the intricacies of such a violent and unforgiving life. In the process his own purpose is finally discovered, as he steals from his would-be companions and elopes with wealth in hand. The individuals he meets and interacts with are presented as tragic caricatures of ideals gone horribly wrong, and moral pitfalls are not avoided as the protagonist himself changes into what he originally set out to find.



Conceived in the Duro system, Durtan Formel moved to USK III at an early age. It was there that he received his first job, prospecting with the Knights of the Fountain under Tolando Krieg; famed founder and namesake of Krieg's Run racing. Mr. Krieg promptly introduced Formel to Murishani Unubunko, where he remained until sufficiently sound financially to open up his own venture; the DI/RT trading and prospecting company. Sometime during these nascent steps into the private sector, Formel in a spontaneous move, decided to embark on a journey into the seedier layers of society.

Today, he basks in the gaze of the public eye.

When asked about his Duros heritage, and the part it plays in interactions, Formel states that he is "a strong believer in keeping up Duros culture and heritage," further exclaiming that all his belongings have Durese names and that he strives to "connect with others" of his race. This last statement may indeed be true, as notable Duros individuals such as Damyo Kruder can be found among the ranks of the Eidola Pirates.

What then provokes this sentient, with camera carefully tucked in hidden tow, to pursue the peculiar goal of joining that particular band of pirates? Quote Formel: "I wanted to live a more daring life, more interesting than just scanning rocks; Eidola promised adventures and riches." That notion certainly flashes time and again, as Formel's ethical standards, in particularly disturbing scenes from 'Dishonour', are proven pliable enough to mould into entirely new shapes.

The pursuit of dishonesty is a strong, recurring theme throughout the documentary piece. When confronted about this the young director simply smiles, uttering that fun "is the name of the game." That may indeed be the case, but a descent into the world of shadows and crime is not without its questionable rewards; and the search for quick thrills may also ultimately kill.

Some more vocal critics have argued that Durtan Formel is a thrill seeker, looking to glamorise the harsh realities of a criminal life, and encourage other sentients to follow the example. To these accusations he responds in carefree manner, stating agreement that he is "guilty as charged," but that "it feels good to show Eidola they are subject to the own acts they pull." Perhaps as a final nod to lingering uncertainty, Mr. Formel quickly adds that he doesn't recommend any sentient to follow in his footsteps, having "tarnished my trading record and put a big target on myself for a few hundred million credits."

Generating an almost equal share of heated controversy, and idle indifference, it remains clear that Formel's 'Dishonour' speaks to masses of sentients. And what's next in store for the Duros of the Hour? "Keep an eye on the shadows," is the cryptic answer received.


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