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Posted by Ranofer Zedlav on Year 5 Day 337

Onboard the YT-2000 Zedlav Surprise in system Kothlis.

Stepping sloly from behind a curtain, Ranofer Zedlav, President of Tytus Escorting Inc, walked slowly to the podium. The room silenced itself quickly, as he prepared to speak to the different news networks from around the galaxy. He adjusted his tie a little and then looked out into the room that was filled with reporters. He smiled and then in his booming voice began,

"Good evening fellow citizens of the galaxy. Today is a remarkable day. A day that will be marked in history. A day that has longed been awaited." "Today we have finally seen the turn that I have longed awaited for. The day when the pirates themselves turn upon themselves."

He smiled a little, "Teniel, I salute you in your ability to rid the galaxy of your own ex-best friend. I must say, I didn't expect it to happen, but no doubt, your greed and your want for a new dress finally took its toll. "

Ranofer looked out over the audience, journalists scribbling furiously, "Apperently, there is no honor among pirates. No honor at all."

"I only bumped into mister Drax once or twice, and to be honest, for all his money and his power, he didn't really seem like a very good leader. Yes he had wealth, but does that really make a leader? No, it doesn't. Even some of the poorest factions in our galaxy have excellent leaders."

"Teniel, I once said that it would take an act of God to kill Kulthar...apperently, your heaven sent." Ranofer chuckles a little and then says, "Don't let that go to your head though."

"This galaxy is not safe, but given the circumstances, I would have to say, that its even less safe for pirates now. With the security forces hunting you, and now your own people turning on you like wolves...there won't be many places you can hide."

With that, Ranofer steps down from the podium and heads back behind the curtain.