Draco Cannis

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Draco Cannis (Deceased)
Biographical Information
Race Corellian
Homeworld Corellia
Mother Lucy Cannis
Father Ivan Cannis
Siblings Thali`a N`ightshade - Half-sister
Born unknown approx year -7
Physical Description
Gender Male
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Gray
Political Information

"It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees" --Draco Cannis


Cannis has issues with authority, preferring to do things his way. He values personal freedom, enjoys creating mischief and exploring.

Early Life

Draco Cannis was born on Ryloth to his birth mother Daesha. His father Ivan had purchased Daesha as a slave but they later commenced a relationship which lead to the birth of their son. Daesha could not bring her son up in their community fearing he would be exiled so sought passage and took him to Corellia where he was brought up by Ivan and his wife Lucy. Lucy loved Draco as her own and always considered him as her own child. Lucy worked hard as a tailor, putting in all her hours to make sure that Draco had everything he needed. His father on the other hand was a secret member of a crime syndicate and spent most of his time sat in local gambling establishments when not going about his undercover duties.

Draco had an easy upbringing and spent most his time seeking out mischief, getting into trouble and exploring the bustling cities of Corellia. But he always showed a tendency for the extreme and at the age of 16 took up swoop racing as a hobby.

Draco started to take on a lot of his fathers traits, became involved in crime and was soon involved in small time theft and extortion with a crew of other rogues, who shall remain nameless. He was arrested for attempting to hijack speeder bikes from an imperial armoury at the age of around age 17, leaving Ivan to bail him out. Finally Draco got bored of Corellia and wanted to seek out a new life for himself and enlisted in the Imperial Military.

Imperial Army

After enlisting in the Imperial Military, Draco worked hard to prove himself and after graduating the Imperial Academy, chose to join the Army. From the Academy he was sent for basic training to Carida where he trained to be a Storm Trooper. For his first duty station, Draco was sent to Kuat where he had several encounters with unidentified gunmen, whom he eliminated. The excitement of being a Storm Trooper didn't last long and Draco became bored. This coupled by his ongoing conflict with authority, Draco resigned his position with the Imperial Army.

Beyond the Empire

At this point Draco sought an alternative lifestyle that would suit his persona. Dark Star Hellions. After completing initiation he assisted in the captures of multiple people and even managed to be re-united with his half sister Thali`a N`ightshade.

Draco established that he was sensitive to the force and without a master tried to train as hard as he could. He trained too hard as it turned out and he slipped into a force coma. During this time Dark Star Hellions went through a process of restructure. Zann Consortium came into being and Xakic Jix left to take over Alliance Special Operations (ASO), taking a number of patched Hellions with him. Draco was unconscious when this happened. A rogue member of ASO tried to gather all the fallen and injured with the intent of causing them harm until it was put to a stop by Seth Zhaze. However, Xakic Jix defected to the Gree Trade Authority and handed over all Hellion and ASO Assets that he controlled before committing suicide. Gree taking full advantage of the act of treachery assassinated Draco, amongst others.