Drax Industries Joins Myorzo Corp.

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Posted by Midge Cellewan on Year 5 Day 359

Onboard the YV-666 CFS Kessel Runner at galactic position (179, 190) on Year 5 Day 358 22:55.

The camera turns to a human reporter on Corporate Hill on the planet Kir

"Good afternoon, Jekk Walker here and I have recieved word from Orion Silverhelm of the Corporate Sector Authority that they have had a new addition to their corporation, Myorzo Corp. Drax Industries has now joined the Myorzo Conglomerate and is being led by none other than Midge Cellewan."

"When asked about his business plans for the company Midge commented that he was unavailable for questions at this time. but it is rumored that the company plans to supply the galaxy with the ever important Escape Pod and many fighters."