Drunken Gizka Cantina

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Located on neutral ground, the Drunken Gizka Cantina is a notable cantina frequented by members of every level of society.


The cantina was originally founded on approximately Year 8 Day 292 under the name Blue Moon Cantina. on Year 14 Day 199, Rawth Shacklefist released a box of gizkas into the cantina. The rapid reproduction rates and the surprising resilience of the tiny creatures led to an infestation of such magnitude that gizkas are often found skittering around the corners of the cantina to this day and hiding within the walls. The patrons' propensity for supplying them with alcohol for amusement led to a rechristening of the cantina under its new name, the Drunken Gizka, a move lobbied against by a number of the cantina's longstanding visitors for sentimental reasons.

While the owner is not publicly known, the establishment is rumoured to have received funding and sponsorship from many of its regular and intermittent patrons over the years, as well as from some less reputable sources such as former members of Black Sun and Syn of the Eidola Pirates.


Large and destructive weapons are strictly forbidden, and this restriction is heavily enforced by the security staff. Force users tend to find usage of their abilities significantly limited within the confines of the cantina. The reasons for this phenomenon are not known, but some have suspected Force-resistant materials used in the construction of the building, or packs of ysalamiri or entities with similar effects on the Force concealed somewhere on the premises.


Signs posted outside of the cantina as well as behind the bar read the following:


  • possess weapons other than small knives or blasters on the premises.
  • abduct, destroy, damage, or otherwise interfere with the operations of automated staff.
  • engage publicly in sexual intercourse or other sexual relations.
  • make use of Force abilities or other mystical powers.
  • compromise the structural integrity of any aspect of the facility.
  • be accompanied by vicious creatures, groups of mercenaries, or bodyguards; this is a neutral social environment, not a battlefield.

It is advised that young children and pets remain outside of the premises for their own safety.

Please respect the property and its patrons.


The cantina and all of its services--including security, bartending, serving, and cleaning--are completely automated. As a result, the establishment is fully staffed around the clock by state-of-the-art droids. Regular patrons occasionally opt to provide their own bartending services. While this is not discouraged, such volunteer services are supervised by the mechanical staff.